Well, this is a change. I have another blog that I use primarily for blogging about my life, and about God. But I found that having that mix confuses people, so this blog is just about gardening.

My mother is my muse when it comes to gardening. She’s tilled and worked yards since I was a baby. Gardening was and is her meditation. (I’ll show pictures in a later blog.) I’ve tried for years to emulate her beautiful gardens, with little success.

It wasn’t until recently that I found out why. I learned how to garden in the land of black dirt and cold winters. Now I live in the land of sandy loam and red clay. And the winters? Well, if you call 20 degrees for three or four days a year, cold. Mostly it’s in the 30-40’s and we don’t get real hard freezes. But the summers. Wow – we’ll have two or three weeks of temps over 100 degress and that pretty much kills everything. But I keep trying. I guess that makes me a Homicidal Horticulturist in Denial. I pick my victims by the flats and by the gallon drum.

But not this year. THIS year I’ve spent months reading blogs, and studying my area. I’ve planned, plotted, planted and pruned. With some success I might add and only a few losses. Won’t you please join me while I learn how to plant what really grows in Oklahoma.