Almost Wordless Wednesday: Thelma Wells, the Uniqueness of Prayer

How many of you have ever been to Women of Faith?

How many of you have heard of Thelma Wells? Also known as Mama T.

I had the awesome privilege of hostessing Mrs Wells when she spoke at E-Women in Tulsa several years ago. This woman has a mothering spirit so strong that I wanted to crawl into her lap. I listen to her when ever I can. God uses her in wonderful ways. Rejoice greatly oh daughter’s of Zion.

This talk was recorded on Mother’s Day at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill Texas this year. I hope it blesses you as much as it did me.


To learn more about Mama T, you can check out her web page HERE

Why Redemption’s Heart; Between a Rock and a Hard Place


………………..there are no good choices.


…………………………… throws us for a loop.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

2003 was just such a time.

The most interesting thing to me is while the year was stormy and my heart felt as if it had been broken into a million pieces, my walk with God has never been more intimate.

My journal that year reflects two prayers and only two.

  1. This hurts and I’m afraid.
  2. Teach me how to forgive.

In the midst of the storm, I lost sight of who I am. I allowed man to define my worth instead of God. Fortunately, God did not remain silent. We spent a lot of time unpacking Isaiah 43. So much so, it’s now my life verse in many ways.

  1. I don’t have to be afraid because God made me exactly as I am. I’ve been redeemed. I’ve been called by name. I am His. He is with me.
  2. Because He is God, my personal God, my Savior — we have a relationship. We have such an amazing relationship that he is willing to not only walk through the waters and fires of my daily life, his hand keeps them from overwhelming me. He paid a huge price for me. (John 3:16), He is willing to trade in the entire world just for me. Even though my earthly relationships suffer hardship, death, and sometimes rejection, my relationship with him is one of love and protection.
  3. He wants back every last one of us that bears his name, no matter where we travel or how far away from him we are — he searches for us and wants us back.
  4. We are created for His Glory. He personally formed each and every one of us. — This includes those who hurt us. Knowing who we are in Christ strengthens us. Knowing who you (or they as in my perceived enemies) are in Christ – teaches me mercy.


Isaiah 43 – The Message

When You’re Between a Rock and a Hard Place

1-4 But now, God’s Message, the God who made you in the first place, Jacob,
the One who got you started, Israel:
“Don’t be afraid, I’ve redeemed you.
I’ve called your name. You’re mine.
When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you.
When you’re in rough waters, you will not go down.
When you’re between a rock and a hard place,
it won’t be a dead end—
Because I am God, your personal God,
The Holy of Israel, your Savior.
I paid a huge price for you:
all of Egypt, with rich Cush and Seba thrown in!
That’s how much you mean to me!
That’s how much I love you!
I’d sell off the whole world to get you back,
trade the creation just for you. 5-7“So don’t be afraid: I’m with you.
I’ll round up all your scattered children,
pull them in from east and west.
I’ll send orders north and south:
‘Send them back.
Return my sons from distant lands,
my daughters from faraway places.
I want them back, every last one who bears my name,
every man, woman, and child
Whom I created for my glory,
yes, personally formed and made each one.'”


What does it mean to live like you are forgiven?

Know the one who created you.

Don’t be afraid.

Trust him through the storms of life.

Show mercy to others.


What does Isaiah 43 say to you?

My Stage Fright is Gone

I almost didn’t get on stage. It didn’t matter to me that everyone got 60 seconds to practice what we’d learned that week and that we were all equals. I took one at everyone else and decided – yet again – I wasn’t enough. I hate it when I do that. Whenever I give fear […]

Friday Funny: Kritters

My two dogs found a baby possum this morning.

I forgot they like to play dead and tried to pick it up.

If you need me, I’m the looney screaming from the roof of my back porch.

I’m leaving for Nashville TN in the morning for the Annual Christian Comedy Conference. I won’t be blogging while I’m there, but you can keep up with our adventures by following me on twitter @deanaohara — Have a great weekend you guys.


All Rights Reserved: Deana O’Hara, CRC Publishing 2014

Cycling Update: June 6, 2012

People are asking if I’m still riding my bike or did I give up that ghost. I am still riding my bike and while I can tell I’ve gotten stronger, my weight has plateaued. I’m guessing my mad cooking skills combined with having all three men at home may have contributed to that. I cannot be trusted near chips, dips, cheese, mayonnaise or dairy. I need to work on my self-control skills.

In keeping with my goals — I joined forces with ADA and rode in Tulsa’s Tour de Cure to help fight diabetes. I only signed up for 10 miles as opposed to the 25 mile ride for multiple reasons which in hindsight, were short-sighted.

1. I wanted to get me feet wet and find out what these rides were like. –

2. The 25 mile route goes on main roads and I’m not ready for roads/group rides, I still have a lot to learn. –

3. The fear of “what if I have to pee” is a present reality in my life. Ten miles is my safest bet. (This is true for a lot of us women in our 40’s)

I could have done the 25 miles, and next time I will.

The ride went well. The fun ride of ten miles was a relatively small group in comparison to the others. I made all the hills without having to get off my bike once. (woot! could not do that six months ago and one of those hills was a killer, I passed a lot of walkers.) I didn’t crash or hurt anyone. I had fun and it was for a great cause.

The only problem I had was my allergy induced asthma flared up and I did not bring an inhaler. Rather than cross the finish line sucking wind, I dropped just before the finish line and went straight to my car instead. I know, I cheated. I could feel the asthma attack coming on and went home to get my inhaler, which was a good thing because it hit right before I got home.

Ten miles was easy, and that is growth in my mad riding skills. We raised over $110,000 for diabetes and everyone had a great day. My only disappointment is I didn’t trust myself enough to push. At least I’ll be better prepared for the next time out and therefore able to stay all day. I even have people interested in being part of a whole team next year. That will be fun!

The feeling I have from completing a goal is priceless. No one can hand you self-esteem on a silver platter, it has to be earned. Yes, I struggle with that like most women do. I like to compare my outer self with other’s high light reels. I’m working on that.

Have a great day you guys.


Friday Funny: Southern Women Make Great Evangelists

I had a chance to meet one of my favorite Christian singers a few years back,  but I was too busy evangelizing one of the volunteers and I missed the meet and greet.

You see, I had taken my family to see this man perform at a local church and when I walked in with my boys a gentlemen stepped in front of me and shoved a flier in my hands. I read it when I sat down and discovered it was an invitation to this singer’s senior citizens cruise later that fall. I didn’t make anything of it, figuring he had to give them to everyone. I was after all only 43 at the time.

Then my husband arrived. He tried to take a flier out of this man’s hand and do you know he said?

“I’m sorry sir, these fliers are for senior citizens only and you don’t look old enough.”

Have you ever seen a Southern woman throw a wall-eyed hissy with a red rubber tail? Something like that will turn even the deepest of atheists in to a man of prayer. I can guarantee you if that man wasn’t saved before he gave me the flier, he is now.

Be Blessed Y’all.

Isaiah 43:1 But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” 

Pondering Peace

Luke 2:19 “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Have you ever been so blown away by God that all you could do was ponder? If I were to sum up my feelings and my heart over the past week, that would be it. I’m treasuring all that I have seen and pondering those things in my heart right now.

Now there is a word you don’t hear much, PONDER. What does ponder mean?

According to the Merriam/Webster Dictionary

transitive verb
: to weigh in the mind : appraise <pondered their chances of success>
: to think about : reflect on <pondered the events of the day>
intransitive verb
: to think or consider especially quietly, soberly, and deeply
 I made a decision recently that has a few people in an uproar. Only a handful of those closest to my heart and inner circle know about this decision. I know that I am following God and that he is not a God of division and I am trusting that he will find a way.
Please forgive me for choosing to keep it close to my heart for the time being. I’ve actually been writing on it at great lengths in private and yet it’s not coming together. I do know why now. It’s not coming together because I’ve been trying to testify to myself rather than of God. I’m defending and not proclaiming. I’m stuck in worry when I should be resting in hope.
When the fullness of time comes and only once He gives me the words, I will testify to Him.
Luke 2113 And so you will bear testimony to me. 14 But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. 15 For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. 16 You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. 17 Everyone will hate you because of me. 18 But not a hair of your head will perish. 19 Stand firm, and you will win life.