While I’m on Break

I’m writing

but not posting.


but not always commenting.

or sometimes I am

it depends really

on my mood

as much as my inclinations.

Holy Week  isn’t much of a time of rest for us

as it is work.

I offer you two places to rest this week.

1. My friend Lisa is doing a series on Holy Week at Councelor’s Inklings.

Lisa Lessing used to be my pastor’s wife before they moved to St Louis. Today, she is a trusted friend and mentor. (Awkward phrasing… Lisa is still married to Reed, he’s just no longer our pastor. Reed is now a Prof at St Louis Seminary.) – Thanks Rena!

2. Another friend is writing a series of Letters from a Devastated Artist.

     Randy Elrod is a new acquaintance from last year. My husband and I spent 48 hours in a personal retreat with him at Round Cove. He’s one of my shadow or indirect mentors. I learn from him by reading. He’s an artist like me. He’s been silent on the blogosphere for a while focusing his time and attention on his new book Sex, Lies, and Religion. (Awesome book by the way). Check him out.

Both series are exceptional.

Until next week. Have a very blessed Easter.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for the above mentioned books, authors, or blogs. I am only recommending people, writers, that I personally enjoy and think might be of interest to my readers. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

This blog post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart. All rights reserved. March 30, 2010

Let’s Talk About it: Censorship and threats

I was reading a friend’s article today on New Christian Voices and was sad to discover that his family was threatened this week. As a result of the threat, he asked the editors at NCV to take down his original post. 

I was looking forward the story because I knew that he and I share the same opinions on Healthcare reform. I wanted to read his words. He articulates his opinion far better than I do and I like learning from him.  Now, I won’t be able to.

But this isn’t about me and what I wanted. It’s about the voice of America.

Do you think we are being censored today? Are some groups being censored more than others? What do you think about people’s families being threatened over a simple editorial news story?

Let’s talk about it. What say you friends?

Wordless Wednesday: where there is smoke, someone forgot to check the oven.


This was my popcorn bowl. Now it looks like a clam. The culprit? My oven. I was in a hurry and put some bowls inside of it for “safe keeping.”  Plastic popcorn bowls are not forgiving of forgetful women like me and 400 degree ovens. They also make a lot of smoke. Did you know that if you open the oven door you let in oxygen and not only will you have smoke, you’ll now have flames.

Have you ever done something like that?

Let’s talk about it: Oh Just Shut up

It’s been assessed today that I am stupid, selfish, heartless and self-serving. I’ve also been told I need to shut the deleted swear word up, because I have health insurance. Good thing I don’t get my selfesteem from Facebook. 

Scripture has a lot of answers on handling conflict, and being agreeable even when we disagree. My brain came up empty in the heat of the moment. I didn’t stay calm and pray, because frankly my prayers of “forgive them for they know not how stupid I think they sound right now,” probably would not have risen past my ceiling. So I removed my hurt feelings and insulted self from the entire conversation by deleting all my comments.

Seems the best thing to do. The last time I lost my temper with someone, I was put in commenter’s purgatory for six months (true and embarrassing story).

Having said that, What do you do when you are passionate about something and it’s obvious the other person just isn’t going to agree with you. Do you listen or tell them to shut up? Have you ever been told to just shut up? How did you handle it?

Let’s Talk About it: But is it stealing?

Charlie’s college sent out an online survey a while back. They asked two questions:

1. Do you think it’s wrong to burn copies of CD’s for your friends? — 75% of the people who responded said no.

2. If you had the chance to steal something of low monetary value, would you? 90% of the people surveyed said no.

Eye opening conclusion. Most of the kids / young adults who responded to this survey do not recognize burning CD’s as stealing. 

Let’s bring that home a little. 

Do you think it’s stealing when a church plays a contemporary worship song not found in your hymnals, without a CCLI license and prints out the lyrics and all either in the bulletin or on the screen?

Is it stealing to order one bible study book and make copies for the class?

What do you think? Let’s talk about it.

Things a Mom Says

My boys are making a video over Spring Break. Charlie is playing with his new Mac Imaging Software and Dillon is enjoying the ride. Making videos is nothing new for these boys. I bought Charlie his first video camera when he was 13 and they have been making movies ever since. His love for filmography, writing, and editing is in part what led him to major in broadcast journalism in college.  He’s smart, good-looking, and funny. I think he’ll do well.

I was listening yesterday to my boys discuss a scene which would involve Dillon flying through the air, suspended (I’m assuming) by some sort of wire and harness. My maternal-protection instincts kicked in and as nonchalantly as possible, I interjected my two-cents.

“We don’t have the budget for special effects.”

I could see the wheels turning in their creative brains. Their eyes danced and as soon as they made eye contact, Charlie blurted out the inevitable.

“I got it. Yes we do!”

I can only attribute what happened next to the fact that I’ve been their mom for 19 years and I know how they think.

“No. You cannot hang your brother from the roof with the dog harness.”

QUESTION: Mom’s say the craziest things, what crazy thing have you said to your kids that makes you laugh?