Things a Mom Says

My boys are making a video over Spring Break. Charlie is playing with his new Mac Imaging Software and Dillon is enjoying the ride. Making videos is nothing new for these boys. I bought Charlie his first video camera when he was 13 and they have been making movies ever since. His love for filmography, writing, and editing is in part what led him to major in broadcast journalism in college.  He’s smart, good-looking, and funny. I think he’ll do well.

I was listening yesterday to my boys discuss a scene which would involve Dillon flying through the air, suspended (I’m assuming) by some sort of wire and harness. My maternal-protection instincts kicked in and as nonchalantly as possible, I interjected my two-cents.

“We don’t have the budget for special effects.”

I could see the wheels turning in their creative brains. Their eyes danced and as soon as they made eye contact, Charlie blurted out the inevitable.

“I got it. Yes we do!”

I can only attribute what happened next to the fact that I’ve been their mom for 19 years and I know how they think.

“No. You cannot hang your brother from the roof with the dog harness.”

QUESTION: Mom’s say the craziest things, what crazy thing have you said to your kids that makes you laugh?

2 thoughts on “Things a Mom Says

  1. When I knew something was going on and could not find out what, I would sit the kids on the sofa and I would be in a chair facing them. With the sternest look I could give I would say, “I got a phone call today. is there anything you think I should know about?” They would spill their guts! (I didn’t tell them about it until after they had kids of their own.
    They laugh at how creative I was at getting them to tell me things.)
    By the way…I wasn’t lying..I did get a phone call each of those days. It’s all in how you present the question. 🙂


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