Poetry: Unfolding a Myth

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth. ~Rumi

A Poetic Response by me.

Vicariously living off the wishes and dreams of others,

She spends her days lost in black and white.

Oblivious to her own pulse

Her life is spent like a cheap romance novel;

Gripping, yet void of real meaning.

Lost in fantasy;

Never truly loving

or living

She dies a stranger

to herself

and to the world.

Don’t be that woman.

Open your eyes to the life

and breath

and pulse of the women you are.

Breathe in the sensual poetry

of motion and living.

Glance long.

Smile back. 

Move slowly.

Drink deeply.

Love wholly. 

Live Abundantly.

Une lettre ouverte à l’homme français que j’ai rencontré sur le Catamaya.

Cher Monsieur,

S’il vous plaît pardonnez cette traduction (via google). Alors que je peux parler de nombreuses langues, le français n’est pas encore l’un d’eux. J’apprends le français et j’espère qu’un jour je serai confiant dans ma capacité à m’exprimer en français. Je ne suis pas encore confiant dans ma capacité, cependant, et garda le silence lorsque nous avons rencontré. Je tiens à vous dire que je suis trèsdésolé que mon mari a presque vomi sur vous. Il était très mal de mer et a étéd’essayer de présenter des excuses. Malheureusement, vous ne comprenez pas l’anglais et j’ai pensé qu’il allait commencer un argument. J’ai été très inquiet pour lui et je voulais expliquer ce qu’il disait. Je sais seulement cinq phrases en françaiset aucun d’entre eux aurait été utile. Merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse etcompréhension. J’espère sincèrement que vous et vos compagnons de voyageapprécié votre séjour. Toujours, Deana Chavanne O’Hara

Three Things I Love about Cancun

The Beach

The Wild Animals

We think He looks like a cross between a lemur and a raccoon. He is actually a Mexican raccoon and is very intelligent. A lady was feeding him from her bag. Rather than take the food, he took the bag up a tree. Unfortunately the bag also contained her wallet and room key. Fortunately he dropped the bag once he got the food. Cute yes, but the signs say not to feed the animals for a reason.
These beautiful peacocks were all over our hotel.
The crew - and a guest - raising the sails on the Catamaya (go to http://www.catamaya.net to learn more about Catamaya Cruise Tours.)
Our youngest was thrilled to discover not only gecko lizards but also iguanas everywhere.

The Smiles

Swimming and snorkeling in one of the underground rivers of XCaret. - We also swam with sharks while we were there. What a trip!

My Kind of Dirty

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. George Bernard Shaw

I did a crazy thing this week. I twittered Anne Lammott and asked her if she’s ever been so angry that she couldn’t write well and what does she do when that happens?

That really bordered on questionable sanity on my part.  Why?

1. I do not know her personally.

2. She has  11,000+ people following her and messaging her. I highly doubt I’ll hear back. But you know, I had to ask.

3. I’ve read enough of her books to guess what she’d do. She’d breathe, write a crummy first draft, walk in the hills, pray, love, and maybe eat something. I already know what to do, I just wanted to whine.

Today’s political climate has my blood pressure boiling. Even though I’ve yet to decide who I’m voting for or which issues I believe in or what I think, I’m finding my circle of people I can have an intelligent conversation with in regards to politics to be drastically small. And just a hint, by intelligent I mean void of phrases like “liberal press”, “sluts”, “entitled”, “socialism”, “Communist”, “fair and balanced”, sighs that really imply “Jane you Ignorant slut”, “uneducated liberals”, “fascist right wing tea-parters” “bigots”

I think you get my drift.

I don’t like any of the GOP candidates. Considering I was a member of the Republican party since 1989 – 2011 that’s a tough cookie to chew on.

I think they are all idiots. And by using the word idiot, I have also disqualified myself from intelligent conversation. I do however predict this. The GOP has gone so far in alienating women that they will use Sarah Palin as their VP running mate in hopes of getting us back. I actually like Sarah and I honestly hope she’s more intelligent than to allow herself to be a puppet.

I’m still researching the “issues” and trying to determine where I stand and how I’ll vote. Given the push back and angry accusations from friends and family alike however, I think I’ll be more discreet in my research.

It is my son’s senior year, I have a book to write, poetry to edit, soccer games to attend, and a garden to clean up and recreate. I’m too busy to engage in everyone’s favorite pastime, “fighting on the internet” – so if you don’t hear from me for a while – let me at least show you where I am at and what I am doing. When I’m too angry to formulate intelligent words, I create beauty.

20120314-135212.jpg Our house is and the end of a dead-end road. Beautiful pine trees covered this fence before the ice storm of 2007 took them out. I now have a five year old maple tree to one end and a rose of sharon at the other end by the gate. For three years I had flowers and bushes in this garden. Last year’s record drought killed those. And so I have a clean slate to work with. As you can tell, my grass is still brown but the weeds look great.


This focal point in my front yard always looks beautiful by midsummer. It’s loaded with irises, a nicely shaped evergreen, a Forsythia bush and a Rose of Sharon. All it needs is some weeding and trimming out.This is the garden my black widows like to live in. Must remember to wear leather gloves.


My front entry. You will notice I only have one shutter. The left shutter has removed itself and refuses to reattach. No worries. My handy-dandy power drill / screw driver will cleverly remove lone shutter and I will transplant him with his mate against the fence you see in the back. This space does cry for balance. I have a lilac bush to the right with nothing to balance the height on the left. I’ll have to shop and see what I can find. Yeah, shopping.


This side garden has never really come together. In the far back you can see my pine tree that succumbed last summer, a sweet pea and the twigs of a crape myrtle. Buried under the weeds are also day lilies.


My side garden. The white fence behind the swing on the right separates this garden from the dogs and the rest of the yard. This is my happy place. Usually filled with lilacs, roses, and such, it is in a trans-formative state – meaning I have no clue what is coming back this year and what died for good. Weeding it and clearing the winter debris is a good start to discovering what lays beneath.


THIS will be my biggest project. Prior to the ice storm, this little spot in my yard was home to a Bradford Pear (pretty white flowers that smell like raw sewage) and a pin oak. We’ve tried may things since then including a vegetable garden in feed troughs, but without shade this piece of land blisters in the afternoon sun. That and the fence is broken. We need to work with our neighbors and fix it. The trellis I put up to hide the fact it is broken, isn’t hiding it at all really. I will strip this garden clean and start again. We have utility right of ways back there so I have to be very careful. I am however convinced that I can create beauty back here.

I would rather play in the dirt than sling it, so instead of participating in the online folly, you’ll find me on the bike trails or in my yard. I will be here between games, and senior year activities to talk about what’s going on and what we as women in transition can do for the world and for those we love.

Have a great week you guys.

Fully Alive Coming to a Theater Near You.

"Fully Alive is the opposite of partly alive and a wonderful alternative to totally dead!" - Ken Davis CLICK PHOTO TO FIND A THEATER NEAR YOU.

Where are you in life right now? Are you Fully Alive or semi-conscious? Or are you where I was nine years ago – mostly dead?

Some of you may wonder, what in heaven’s name would prompt a 46-year-old women to start riding a bicycle, do stand up, audition for movies, and write a book. That’s easy. It isn’t a midlife crisis.

These changes in my life are brought to you by Grief. Failure. and Grace.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think God would have more in store for me than PTA, Bible Study and Carpool. There was a time when my life could be described as super busy and super disconnected, whether I wanted to admit that or not. Fortunately for me, I’ve met wonderful people over the last nine years – Ken Davis is such a person.

I wanted to learn how the be a better teacher and speaker. Pursuant to those goals, I signed up for Ken’s classes on communication and performance management. Through his stories, blogs, and classes he has shared this journey to becoming Fully Alive with all of us, step by step and mile by mile. I received far more than I bargained for when I went to his seminars.

Before she passed away last fall, my friend Tiffany used to say that between her anxiety and control issues, she was pretty much a hot mess of crazy. I can relate. Hanging with comedians has changed me in great ways. Instead of just learning a craft, I’m learning how to lighten up and live Fully Alive. I owe these men and women a lot.

Fully Alive is Ken’s newest comedy DVD. This is a movie you can watch with your friends and family. It is hilarious, inspirational, life changing and not to be missed by anyone.

Edited: April , 2012 – while the Movie Fully Alive was a special showing only on March 22 and 23 – see kendavis.com to find out more about this wonderful DVD.

This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart. No goods or services were given in exchange for this endorsement. I only share resources I believe my readers will enjoy as much as I do. 

Republicans, Sluts and Idiots Oh my!

Oh for the love of Pete.

I had a brilliant post here, and then I read an on-line friend of mine’s response to Kirk Cameron’s gay marriage comments that I decided to delete it. His story was so full of respect and grace that I feel I need time to calmly assess my views on Rush before really publishing anything.

Besides, my Grandmother taught me if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m still mad.

I’ve walked.

I’ve prayed.

I’ve banged pots.

I’ve written, trashed, and shredded to my heart’s content.

At least I’ve stopped swearing and my head has stopped throbbing.

But I have GOT to tell you, these are scary times for women.

I want the GOP OUT of my girl parts.

Not next year.

Not next month.

OR even today.

I want them out of my parts YESTERDAY.

Santorum can choke on his aspirin for all I care. That guy seriously gives me the creeps. He’s like Mr Rogers only worse. I wonder if he plays with puppets like Mr Rogers did.  Have you heard him in debates? He obviously lives in the land of make-believe.  Just one look at his photo, and I lose my libido for a month. ewww… totally creepy.

Not to imply of course that I only vote for candidates that turn me on it ‘s just that..

Oh never mind. See what I mean? I’m still so mad my synapses won’t fire properly.

As for Rush?

I still can’t talk about him without wanting to swear and then throw up. If there was ever a person I wanted to point at and say “YOU Off my Planet.” It would be him.

So I’ll just leave it with what my girlfriend Cynthia said. “If I were Rush’s mother I would say ‘Oh no, that’s NOT an apology, try again.”

You and I CAN and will make a difference this fall. VOTE.