National Blog Posting Month on BlogHer

I’d promised myself  months ago that I’d become a better writer.

Writers write and yet, I don’t always.

I challenged myself to live out my story in such a way, that I’d have a story worth writing.








Do I even have it in me or have I bored you now with

my questions,

my longings,

my fears?

September’s challenge on BlogHer is “RETURN.”

 Returning — or turning again — is about reflection, about going backwards, about revisiting a spot or memory. Sometimes people think that it can be a negative thing to live too much in the past, drowning in nostalgia. But a lot can be learned by mentally returning to a moment, replaying what happened in your mind, especially if lessons are learned in the process.

And so, for one month, I promise to write every day – including weekends.

And you my readers, get to return with me.

Are you ready?

Am I ready?

Father Time will be our travel companion.

Let the journey begin.

New Slogans For Delta Airlines

Travel isn’t what it used to be. Sadly, neither is Delta. A friend of mine found himself stranded in Atlanta airport recently and numerous delays (not weather related) and cancelled flights, caused him to miss his first show in over 20 years.

My husband travels every month for his job and won’t fly Delta either unless he has no other choice.

You might say we’ve been there and done that as well. Being stranded for hours on end is not fun.

If you have ever been left hanging by your toes in a Delta terminal,  — this post is for you. Enjoy.


It’s a Girl!

I would like you to meet the newest addition to the O’Hara household. Her name is Cassidy (From the Grateful Dead), and she is about 4 1/2 months old.  We found her in the church parking lot on Sunday Morning, August 14.  I couldn’t just leave her there, she’d get hit.  With all of the storms we’ve had we thought perhaps she was just lost. We’ve called the vets, shelters, kennels and put up signs. No one has claimed her or even called. Two other puppies with similar markings were dropped off this weekend at the animal shelter as strays. Someone apparently dropped them off near Mohawk park some time last week.  That happens a lot.

I’ve taken her to the vets to be de-wormed (she has hook worm) and will get her the full puppy shots starting next week. We have a crate for her which she sleeps in and she is safe to be around our border collie at home.

The vet was able to put her at 4 1/2 months of age because of her teeth. She has a few scars but nothing seriously wrong with her. She’s small in stature, weighing in at 21 pounds and is only about 18 inches tall. She has webbed feet which suggests a retriever mix of some kind, but she won’t be that big.  Her coloring also suggests border collie. She has a voracious appetite and I have to feed her small meals or she’ll eat until she throws up — another sign that she’s been on the street for a few days. She’s starving.

She’s a cutie and can already lap Rocky (my border collie) when running around our pool. The vet told us he needed to lose weight and I’m thinking she’s just the answer. Rocky is only five and I’m sure he’ll adjust to having a puppy and begin to play with her more as he builds up his endurance. She is typical female in that she loves to talk (bark) to him and when he doesn’t respond she’ll come over to me and whine at me as if to say, “He won’t play with me!” —

I was not planning on getting another dog so soon after putting Sheba down last June, still, a rescue seems to fit our family right now. Welcome to the family Cassidy.

Ablaze Church Broken Arrow Has a New Home

We’ve Moved!

Ablaze Church is happy to announce that we are now sharing space with County Line Baptist Church, 4575 S 193rd E Ave. We still meet every Saturday evening at 6:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

Ablaze Church is a mission outreach / satellite location of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Tulsa.

Put Some Tigger in Your Step



I want to be a (Fill in the blank) _____________________________ (in my circle these days the blank is usually comic, but anything can go here)

what is the best advice you can give me?

My advice? Cheesy as it may sound, Be More Like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

  1. Be one of a Kind.  – Find whatever it is that makes you uniquely you and bring it with everything you have.
  2. Be a real Friend. – He may have gotten on their nerves a time or two, but in the end they celebrated friendships together. Don’t let petty squabbles, busy schedules or misunderstandings get in the way of friendship.
  3. Be willing to try new things. – Tiggers definitely don’t like honey, but he did at least try.  Who knows by trying new things, you may surprise yourself by finding new things you do like.
  4. Be able to Bounce. – The ability to bounce, whether it be forward, backward, up, down or just bouncing back is vital in this life. There will be obstacles to bounce over, disappointments to bounce back from, and goals that may require some bounce to reach.
And most importantly I leave you with this thought, it’s not what you do for a living that matters, it’s what you do for a life.
Live it with bounce.
This post written by Deana O’Hara, for Redemption’s Heart, August 14, 2011. All rights reserved.

Ode To Steve Martin

One of my favorite comics of all time, Steve Martin, has been traveling the country with a blue grass band called the Steep Canyon Rangers. My Lutheran pals might have heard them on  A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers are coming to Tulsa on August 24 to perform at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. My more astute friends purchased tickets on time.

I apparently live under a rock and did not.

It’s probably just as well because just saying his name makes my vocal chords seize up and I squeak. It’s not pretty.

Being a writer, I thought it might be a good idea to process my grief through song. Not being able to play a banjo, which this song requires, is merely a small blip in the grand scheme of life. I’m sure everyone knows the melody to Oh Susanna, right? That is the melody for this song. And so for your reading amusement I offer:

Oh Steve Martin

(Written by Deana O’Hara)

I’ve searched high

and I’ve searched low

and every place in between

I’ve searched where normal people go

and places best unseen.

Oh Steve Martin

Is coming to the PAC

Tickets sold in just one day.

And there’s none left for me.

I’ve asked once

and I’ve asked twice.

I’ve even thrown some fits.

I said please

and shed some tears

and even flashed my……


Oh Steve Martin

Is coming here with song.

That’s one show that I can’t see

and I think that is wrong.

I’ve held my breath till I’ve turned blue

I’ve sniveled, begged, and sobbed.

I even bought an old banjo

but my husband thinks I was robbed.

Oh Steve Martin

is coming to our town.

Ticket holders are happy now,

while I just have a frown.


And now for you listening and viewing enjoyment, below is a video of Mr Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. Enjoy.

This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart. All rights reserved.

Pathetic whining pays off! — I get to go see them after all. It seems a friend’s daughter and son-on-law are unable to attend and I get to go in their stead. AWESOME!

Remind Me Who I am, by Jason Gray

I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of this guy before. I really like him, and I love this song. It’s Spirit filled, uplifting, and I like the musical arrangement. This is the first single from Jason’s Album, A Way To See In The Dark, slated for release on September 13, 2011.

I discovered Jason on a page called Under the radar on Facebook.  A friend turned me on to  Under the Radar several months ago and I’ve been enjoying their clips of newer artists who fall into their under appreciated status.  I love contemporary Christian music and this page has proven to be a wonderful resource. Considering how whiny I got about the hot weather, I thought I’d share something positive with you guys today.

Per their Facebook Page:

Under The Radar is a weekly radio show of under-appreciated music.
Company Overview

Offering gourmet music, Under the Radar highlights some of the best undiscovered and under-appreciated tunes from Christian artists.

What is gourmet music? Well, a lot of music out there is like fast food but the stuff on Under the Radar is the gourmet variety. It’s the fine steak, not the mass-produced cheeseburger.

In this one-hour weekly program, host Dave Trout shares stories, spiritual insight, and exclusive artist interviews to discover the depth of faith and creativity found in the music. Listeners participate by suggesting some of the best hidden gems in their own music collections that the world needs to hear.
Under the Radar is a ministry of ReFrame Media ( and Back to God Ministries International.
This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart. August 5, 2011. All rights reserved. No goods or services were given in exchange for this endorsement. I only share resources that I found beneficial and believe my readers will enjoy as well.

Thank God The Rabbit Died, That’s all I can say.

This is just me being cranky ya’ll. 

Don’t even think of “but it’s a dry heat”ing me.

I don’t care.

This isn’t hot,

It’s oppressive.

My son’s rabbit had a heat stroke earlier this summer, before it even got this bad. And sad as I am to see Oreo pass, I’m thinking it was a good thing.

This is crazy!

Great Garden Finds

With the present onslaught of triple digits in Oklahoma, I thought I’d take a few moments to show off some of my Northern Friends Gardens. These ladies are super creative and have inspired me to continue on my quest for garden art. Enjoy.

Concrete Pool Side Dragon, painted and glazed.
Terracotta Pot Garden Man, held together with wire. Do you see the boot on the lower right? It has a pot in it.
A welcoming sign by the front steps.