It’s a Girl!

I would like you to meet the newest addition to the O’Hara household. Her name is Cassidy (From the Grateful Dead), and she is about 4 1/2 months old.  We found her in the church parking lot on Sunday Morning, August 14.  I couldn’t just leave her there, she’d get hit.  With all of the storms we’ve had we thought perhaps she was just lost. We’ve called the vets, shelters, kennels and put up signs. No one has claimed her or even called. Two other puppies with similar markings were dropped off this weekend at the animal shelter as strays. Someone apparently dropped them off near Mohawk park some time last week.  That happens a lot.

I’ve taken her to the vets to be de-wormed (she has hook worm) and will get her the full puppy shots starting next week. We have a crate for her which she sleeps in and she is safe to be around our border collie at home.

The vet was able to put her at 4 1/2 months of age because of her teeth. She has a few scars but nothing seriously wrong with her. She’s small in stature, weighing in at 21 pounds and is only about 18 inches tall. She has webbed feet which suggests a retriever mix of some kind, but she won’t be that big.  Her coloring also suggests border collie. She has a voracious appetite and I have to feed her small meals or she’ll eat until she throws up — another sign that she’s been on the street for a few days. She’s starving.

She’s a cutie and can already lap Rocky (my border collie) when running around our pool. The vet told us he needed to lose weight and I’m thinking she’s just the answer. Rocky is only five and I’m sure he’ll adjust to having a puppy and begin to play with her more as he builds up his endurance. She is typical female in that she loves to talk (bark) to him and when he doesn’t respond she’ll come over to me and whine at me as if to say, “He won’t play with me!” —

I was not planning on getting another dog so soon after putting Sheba down last June, still, a rescue seems to fit our family right now. Welcome to the family Cassidy.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Girl!

  1. She is a beautiful little girl. Glad she ended up with you. It amazes me how quickly an animal can wiggle its way into our hearts!


    • yep. She’s a cute but rather rude puppy. She bites and leaps and chews things. Very normal. She is a total cutie pie though. She’s also very smart and is learning rather quickly. I’m happy we found her.


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