30 Bloggers in 30 Days: $30,000 for Water

What if THIS was the only water you had to drink. Would you drink it?

Would you give it to your children, knowing that it will probably make them sick, but without it they will die.

It’s raining outside in Broken Arrow right now. My ground is parched and some of my plants have died and the rain feels good on my skin. We may have had a dry summer, but I’m not thirsty. I have clean water to drink, to cook with and to bathe in. I’m one of the fortunate ones.

The Bayaka tribe in Central African Republic are not so fortunate. Every day they walk to dirty swamps to fill up their jugs with bacteria filled water – one man set out to make a difference. Please watch this video.

I’m joining the ranks of fellow bloggers, in a campaign called 30 Bloggers, 30 Days, $30,000. The goal is to raise $30,000 in 30 days. Here’s the list of fine folks Tyler Stanton and Bryan Allain have assembled:

Bryan Allain, Matt Appling, Trey Boden, Jason Boyett, Everett Bracken, Stephen Brewster, Burnside Writers CollectiveTripp Crosby, Greg Darley, Sam Davidson, Rachel Held Evans, Evan Forester, Chad Gibbs, Susan Isaacs, Kevin Keigley, Lacey Keigley, Wes Molebash, Scott Moore, Eric Olsen, AJ Passman, Katdish, Brad Ruggles, Rob Shepherd, Jeff Shinabarger, Shawn Smucker, Tyler Stanton, Tyler Tarver, Tyler Thigpen, Karen Spears Zacharias

 Here’s where this money will go:

  • Our goal is $30,000. This provides clean water to 1,500 people (300 families, 6 entire communities).
  • 100% of the money donated goes towards water projects. Private donors take care of all the overhead.
  • $20 provides 1 person clean water for 20 years.
  • Our money will go towards building water projects in Central African Republic.
  • If you give, charity: water will keep you up-to-date with the status of your project, provide you with GPS coordinates of exactly where the well you contributed to is being built, and take pictures and video along the way.

So, how can you help?

  • GIVE. $20 provides clean water for one person for 20 years! Go to the 30 Bloggers, 30 Days, $30,000 site and make a donation.
  • SHARE about it on Facebook and Twitter. Follow @charitywater here.
  • Blog about it.30 bloggers is simply a starting point. We would love to have more people join in and help spread the word! And if you do blog about it, please let Billy Coffey know so he  can link back to your post.

Last but not least, here’s a bunch of cool downloads, banners and twitter backgrounds you can use. Thanks for your time.

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