Have you ever seen a COMEDY tackle the sobering sin of ADULTERY?


Guest Blogger: 
Christopher Shawn Shaw, 
One Nightstand
Starring Thor Ramsey, Kimberly Durrett,
Charles Anteby and Nathan Ford.
Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw.
Have you ever seen a COMEDY poignantly tackle the very sobering transgression of adultery? Well, here’s the news! The long-anticipated ONE NIGHTSTAND Comedy ministry short film that I had the privilege of Directing and Executive Producing is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD!

ONS_PosterONE NIGHTSTAND is an Award-Winning short film that stars Pastor and Comedian Thor Ramsey as an adulterous, traveling businessman who hires a lady of the night (played by Kimberly Durrett), but before she arrives, God intervenes through two quirky hotel employees (played by Charles Anteby and Nathan Ford) and the sobering contents of the hotel nightstand. Written and Produced by Gary Emrick and Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw, this poignant Comedy also features Christine YoungTom CostelloLori GeorgeMaria CasasRick Segall (“Little Ricky” on THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY), and Susan Silvestri.

People have really enjoyed this DVD, which also includes Behind-The-Scenes Special Features, so purchase your own copy today, and schedule to host the ONE NIGHTSTAND screening at your fellowship!

For Church fellowships or other organizations and venues who’d like to host public screenings of ONE NIGHTSTAND
(which also includes the option of Q&As
with the Filmmakers and/or Lead Cast),
please see the attached .pdf document.
ONE NIGHTSTAND_Screening_Options

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Music Monday: Queen Somebody to love

“Let me ask you one question. Do you really want to own a ranch, or are you just wanting to mother something”


I love my friends. Even the honest ones.

Honestly, I don’t know.

I hate the heat.

My gardens are already dead.

It was too hot to mess with a fall harvest.

I no longer care.

Sometimes, life after kids, is hard. Not impossible, but I’m not going to lie, I miss it sometimes.

If I ask for chickens, will I get a horse?

rocky 150We were only there for 72 hours. It was a retreat in the middle of Tennessee. We gathered our own eggs, fed the sheep, picked fresh food from the garden and enjoyed the view. I wanted to stay forever.

Flash forward five years and I’m still harping on it.

I want to move.

I want a ranch.

I want chickens.

I want sheep.

Can I have a horse?

I married a city boy. We’ve lived in the burbs for the past 24 years. My obsession with farming has been a long held secret. Both sets of my grandparents grew up on farms and I come by this weird obsession naturally. My mother even bought a farmhouse when she was 50, I mean it’s got to be there. Forget the fact that everything green withers and dies at my touch, I’m sure I could figure it out.

When we bought our house at our own cove, I thought THIS is my chance. We have five acres, I can get chickens.

No banana.

My husband is not a mental midget by any stretch and said they were a gateway animal to other livestock. It’s not like I was planning on a LOT of livestock, just maybe a horse or some sheep or goats. No biggie.

All these years I told him he was wrong, and then I saw THIS video. (Sigh)

It cracks me up. Hope you enjoy it.