Two Wheel Tuesday: Share the Road


We are having some real problems with automobiles in Tulsa peeps. We’ve had a few scary instances with cyclists being cussed out and or literally bumped (by the truck) off the road. I stick to back roads and or trails when I ride for this very reason. That does impact my mileage, and I’m okay with that at the moment.


I don’t want to stay that way because of fear. I need to get passed it. In the mean time, I’m educating myself on the laws of the road. I hope you will too. There is a large group of cyclist that ride on Wednesday nights in Tulsa – including the Divas. I really want to get over my fears and ride with them.

So — don’t be a jerk, share the road you guys. We have a legal right to be there.

This was posted on the Wednesday Night Ride Group page — I think it’s very informative and worth sharing.


Oklahoma DPS Manual: Chapter 11: Sharing the Road: Pedestrians • Bicycles • Motorcycles • Trucks • Trains • Slow-Moving Vehicles


Bicycles are mentioned 25 times in our states driving manual.

A persons responsibility as a defensive driver includes making allowances for and adapting to the other people and vehicles on the road.

A bicyclist can ride in the full lane when:
• The rider is overtaking and passing another vehicle going in the same direction.

• The bicyclist is getting in place for a left turn at an intersection or turning left into a private road or driveway.

• There are unsafe conditions in the roadway, such as
parked cars, moving vehicles or machinery, fixed obstacles, pedestrians, animals, potholes, debris.

• The lane is too narrow for both a car and a bicycle to
safely share the lane. In this case, it is safest to let the bicycle take the full lane.

• If you see this flag on a bicycle, slow down; the bicycle rider
may have impaired hearing.

• All bicyclists must ride in the correct lane of traffic