Cycling: Tulsa Tough

St Francis Tulsa Tough usually falls on the same weekend as a professional conference I attend and I’m not able to participate. This is however a BIG deal for Tulsa — I love that my city promotes cycling. I especially love that because cycling is about the only sport I can do today.

I also love that the people behind Tulsa Tough reached out to include more amature women in the sport and started the Tulsa Diva’s. I signed up as soon as I heard — My schedule has not matched theirs as far as group rides go – at least not yet, but I am still riding and proud to be a Tulsa Diva. I am planning on riding with the Divas at Dam J.A.M in September and I cannot wait.

This is video footage of Crybaby Hill which is part of the Tulsa Tough race. The fans totally crack me up.

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Tulsa Tough cycling races kick off Friday 

—  Crybaby Hill 

Tulsa Divas

Alas Poor Knorth

Alas poor Knorth!
Judge her not by her name.
A knewborn not yet in knickers,
Knighted by knapweeded locknuts.
What knackery is this?

As far as the Knorthwest is from the Ksoutheast, those knaves know no bounds in knomenclature.


(side note: when I first wrote this poem, the rumor was Kayne and Kim spelled their newest daughter’s name Knorth. I’ve since been corrected. They have simply named her North West. — oh that is much better. Good gravy.)

Never Judge a Cowboy

cowboy-boots-marianne-nana-bettsI could not get over how polite the men in Oklahoma are when we first moved down here. They are always tipping their hats, calling me ma’am, opening doors and carrying my groceries. I attributed their manners to good old fashioned southern up bringing. Now that I’ve been here for a few (20) years, I think I know why they are so polite.

Most of the women in Oklahoma carry, and half of them know how to castrate steer. They aren’t being polite, they’re hedging their bets.