If I ask for chickens, will I get a horse?

rocky 150We were only there for 72 hours. It was a retreat in the middle of Tennessee. We gathered our own eggs, fed the sheep, picked fresh food from the garden and enjoyed the view. I wanted to stay forever.

Flash forward five years and I’m still harping on it.

I want to move.

I want a ranch.

I want chickens.

I want sheep.

Can I have a horse?

I married a city boy. We’ve lived in the burbs for the past 24 years. My obsession with farming has been a long held secret. Both sets of my grandparents grew up on farms and I come by this weird obsession naturally. My mother even bought a farmhouse when she was 50, I mean it’s got to be there. Forget the fact that everything green withers and dies at my touch, I’m sure I could figure it out.

When we bought our house at our own cove, I thought THIS is my chance. We have five acres, I can get chickens.

No banana.

My husband is not a mental midget by any stretch and said they were a gateway animal to other livestock. It’s not like I was planning on a LOT of livestock, just maybe a horse or some sheep or goats. No biggie.

All these years I told him he was wrong, and then I saw THIS video. (Sigh)

It cracks me up. Hope you enjoy it.

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