I See Dead People

A pastor has three big sermons to write. He has a funeral on Friday, a wedding on Saturday and his regular Sunday Sermon.  Friday morning arrives and he hands his receptionist what he believes is his funeral message and tells her to put it in the pulpit for him. 

While she is walking toward the sanctuary, she realizes he’s given her the wrong sermon. The opening line is a qoute from the movie Sixth Sense, “I see dead people.”


Does she tell the pastor he made a mistake? Or does she do what she is told?

3 thoughts on “I See Dead People

  1. Well, it turns out Pastor did give me the wrong sermon – the dead ppl, they just don’t know they are dead quote was for Sunday. Which really made me think about how important it is for people to be nice to their admins, I mean ya never know when we will save the day. ;-D

    I’ve been getting snippy about my time working in a church lately and so my pastor has suggested I spend time writing church jokes — seriously, that is his “Spiritual Recomendation” for me. HA!


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