Home for Thanksgiving

Dillon and Charlie

I tend to over do the holidays. I over cook, over decorate and over stress.  We live too far away from family to be able to celebrate with them and I feel guilty about that sometimes.  I work myself into a tizzy making sure they enjoy the day and don’t miss anything.

This year, all I wanted for Thanksgiving was my son home from school and someone else to cook the turkey.

I got my wish. Charlie was able to drive in for the day and Jeff bought a deep fryer and made the turkey.



Our Turkey -- Jeff did a great job.

I still cooked way too much food and that is okay. We had a wonderful day together.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do anything special?

2 thoughts on “Home for Thanksgiving

  1. We had most of our family here and shared lots of food and conversation. We were going to start a tradition, but I failed to get it together…using a white tablecloth, have everyone sign one area for that year and add a note of something for which they are thankful…but I forgot to get the tablecloth I bought for this project out.
    In any case, gandkids stay overnight on Wednesday and usually help me cook the desserts.
    On Friday, I cooked another meal and took it to our daughter who couldn’t come. Saturday, I tried to rest!


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