My First Hate Letter

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Someone, somewhere was going to tell me that because I’m a Christian and a Comic I shouldn’t tell jokes about X.

It doesn’t really matter what the X is because it is different for everyone. This person was offended because I was telling Tiger Woods jokes. I think because he’s an international celebrity, he is fair game. She thinks because I’m a Christian I should know better. She chose to be offended, and I chose to allow her to feel that way, and she has now unfriended me on facebook. I’m okay with that. Why?

1. I am a professional comic. I can call myself that because I do actually get paid to perform now. Paycheck = the right to call yourself professional in my opinion. If I want to keep getting a paycheck, I need to write and tell jokes. That’s how it works.

2. Yes, I am a Christian. And I do keep that in mind in my set. Meaning I don’t swear or tell dirty jokes. I keep my humor clean. I do not intentionally set out to offend people, but it is going to happen from time to time. I can’t control that.

3. Just because I’m a Christian who happens to be a comic does not make me a “Christian Comic.”  That’s just a marketing term that was coined a few years back. It doesn’t mean anything really.

4. We live in an overly sensitive politically correct society and it’s got to stop. Sooner or later, I will offend you. I spent the first 40 years of my life trying to please people, being crushed over anytime I offended someone in the slightest and have a hefty mental health bill to show for it — translation, my people pleasing drove me to a nervous breakdown five years ago. I don’t want to go back here.

So there you have it in a nutshell. As my friend Joie put it to me this afternoon, “I’m sorry if I haven’t offended you yet. Please give me some time and I’m sure I will.”

Peace Out Ya’ll

8 thoughts on “My First Hate Letter

  1. Of course I still read ya. Although, my blogging has been cut waaaaay back due to my increased workload (a very good thing considering how slow things were the rest of the year) in the real world.


  2. Frank! — You crack me up. I didn’t realize you still read my blog. Love your thoughts and thank you so much for sharing them. Hope things are well on your end. Take care.


  3. I’m often criticized for my love of South Park as social commentary. The line goes that if I was really Christian, then I wouldn’t watch such drivel that is so hostile to Christians. Right…

    While Parker and Stone clearly are no friends to Christians, they do often have an insight that all too often is dead on which seems to be ok because it’s told through foul mouthed forth graders. It may be politically incorrect but that doesn’t automatically disqualify it as wrong or unfunny. Same goes with Tiger Woods jokes.

    It’s a fine line that a Christian has to walk but I’m sure you do just fine. If anyone tells you that Christians can’t be a bit, uh, bawdy, tell ‘em to read 1 Kings 18 and see how Elijah mocked the prophets of Ba’al (you’ll need a literal translation to get the joke as most translations out these days REALLY clean it up). Sounds to me like someone got upset that you mocked THEIR idol.


  4. Oh wow — lots of responses this morning. Thanks you guys. I like the “new” me a lot more than some of my old friends do. That has to be okay.

    Some of my favorite Christian artists get hate mail all the time. They’ve learned how to keep on moving. What was happy for me is I didn’t let it crush me. I’m getting healthier. Thanks for reading my blog and for responding.


  5. everyone gets offended sooner or later every time _anyone_ opens their mouths to state their opinions. also everyone makes a few mistakes now and then…but in tiger woods case he made one bad decision after another. he’s a celebrity that chose to be in the public eye for good or bad. he’s free game in my book. besides since all this has happen i bet i have heard no less than 50 jokes on the morning talk radios. keep strong and keep making people laugh!


  6. YOU GO, GIRL!! People do choose to be offended from time to time, but that does not mean that the offender is to be written off like yesterday’s to do list. I wonder if this particular offended party has stopped watching late night shows as well as every other professional Christian comedian in the world. I can’t think of one who has not poked at a celebrity at one time or another. This person must live a sad and self righteous existence to know that she must surround herself with only perfect people.


  7. Glad to know that you got off the People Pleasing Train too! If it’s not one thing, it would be another. You know your love for God is genuine and personal. Seems like the ‘religious’ are the one’s who most love to criticize because you’re not doing things their way.



  8. You are not alone. Jesus got criticism from the pious for eating and drinking with publicans and sinners. (And I’m sure He had a few laughs with them.)

    Keep on keeping on. Don’t be dismayed. Think about the joy you give to everyone else. Maybe your critic will lighten up and learn to laugh.


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