Garden Obituary #238

Some people have gardens and some people have garden cemeteries. My home is the place most plants come to die. Just calling it what it is folks.  Please join me as we bid adieu to this year’s not so lucky winners of the “Oh Dear Heaven’s Please don’t take me home” Garden list..

This summer alone I killed:

  • Six zucchini plants — got ONE stinkin zucchini before they all died. (personally, I think my boys sprayed them with Roundup, but no one is talking.)
  • Three String Bean Plants – got nada from those babies.
  • My asparagus and rhubarb never even sprouted a single blade of anything green. Maybe next year?
  • and four fir trees — okay that one makes me kinda sad, the guy swore up and down I couldn’t kill those.

The good news is I have not killed these new members to my garden cemetery; three new lilies, My sweet pea and red twig bushes, Two wisteria bushes, one lilac bush (I now have three different varieties), two trees Jeff brought home that look oddly like well, something illegal, I’ll leave it at that, but the gal at the garden show said they are flowering bushes of some kind, three tomato plants, peppers, and herbs all did well, and I still have three of the original seven evergreens remaining.

So this is a good gardening year as far as gardening years go. More plants survived my black thumb than succumbed to it. Fall is approaching and it’s time for me to harvest my seed pods. I have daisies, spirea,  coral bells, black-eyed susans, some lime green cone flowers, Holly Hocks, moon flowers, and well… a large smattering of flowers I forgot to label, all ready to be replanted next Spring.   

I’m curious: What kinds of plants do you grow in your garden?

6 thoughts on “Garden Obituary #238

  1. My grandmother could pick up a stick on the road and plant it in the ground and within weeks, it would be flouishing. My mom’s plants thrived on total neglect. Mine…..well…hmmmm…Let’s put it this way; if killing plants was a crime, I would be in jail for life!


    • LOL — yeah, I get that. Some of my survivors are on the mangey side right now and there is no telling if they’ll pass through winter safely. I’m really going to mulch the gardens this year. The almanac is predictiting colder than normal winters for our region, so I want to protect the roots.


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