Thank God The Rabbit Died, That’s all I can say.

This is just me being cranky ya’ll. 

Don’t even think of “but it’s a dry heat”ing me.

I don’t care.

This isn’t hot,

It’s oppressive.

My son’s rabbit had a heat stroke earlier this summer, before it even got this bad. And sad as I am to see Oreo pass, I’m thinking it was a good thing.

This is crazy!

One thought on “Thank God The Rabbit Died, That’s all I can say.

  1. We are having a cool front coming in…only 100. “they” say it is hot because of global warming which of course is caused by “green house gases”, etc. I say that the “global warming” is mostly because of the desolation of Rain Forests and stripping aged old mountains of their trees, etc. Think about it…less shade, higher temps. Nothing to cool the earth, so it heats and reflects that heat back into the atmosphere. The main source of all of this heat is all of the hot air floating around in Washington DC. If those people would shut up and do their jobs, maybe we could get some cooler temps! Anyway, I am on a rampage, so if I ramble, just ignore me.


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