Three Things I Love about Cancun

The Beach

The Wild Animals

We think He looks like a cross between a lemur and a raccoon. He is actually a Mexican raccoon and is very intelligent. A lady was feeding him from her bag. Rather than take the food, he took the bag up a tree. Unfortunately the bag also contained her wallet and room key. Fortunately he dropped the bag once he got the food. Cute yes, but the signs say not to feed the animals for a reason.
These beautiful peacocks were all over our hotel.
The crew - and a guest - raising the sails on the Catamaya (go to to learn more about Catamaya Cruise Tours.)
Our youngest was thrilled to discover not only gecko lizards but also iguanas everywhere.

The Smiles

Swimming and snorkeling in one of the underground rivers of XCaret. - We also swam with sharks while we were there. What a trip!

5 thoughts on “Three Things I Love about Cancun

    • Absolutely. We loved the eco park. I was surprised by how large it is. You cannot fully appreciate everything that is there in just one day.


  1. OH you had so much fun and I’m with Rena…the jealous friends left at home…I’ve been eating SO badly that my blog is on hiatus. And I’ve decided after Easter is IT (because I’m doing an Easter dinner, is why – and dessert will be chocolate cheesecake…made with my own two little hands…) Your trip sounds wonderful and hope it was refreshing and inspiring! Big love, Weltha


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