Republicans, Sluts and Idiots Oh my!

Oh for the love of Pete.

I had a brilliant post here, and then I read an on-line friend of mine’s response to Kirk Cameron’s gay marriage comments that I decided to delete it. His story was so full of respect and grace that I feel I need time to calmly assess my views on Rush before really publishing anything.

Besides, my Grandmother taught me if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m still mad.

I’ve walked.

I’ve prayed.

I’ve banged pots.

I’ve written, trashed, and shredded to my heart’s content.

At least I’ve stopped swearing and my head has stopped throbbing.

But I have GOT to tell you, these are scary times for women.

I want the GOP OUT of my girl parts.

Not next year.

Not next month.

OR even today.

I want them out of my parts YESTERDAY.

Santorum can choke on his aspirin for all I care. That guy seriously gives me the creeps. He’s like Mr Rogers only worse. I wonder if he plays with puppets like Mr Rogers did.  Have you heard him in debates? He obviously lives in the land of make-believe.  Just one look at his photo, and I lose my libido for a month. ewww… totally creepy.

Not to imply of course that I only vote for candidates that turn me on it ‘s just that..

Oh never mind. See what I mean? I’m still so mad my synapses won’t fire properly.

As for Rush?

I still can’t talk about him without wanting to swear and then throw up. If there was ever a person I wanted to point at and say “YOU Off my Planet.” It would be him.

So I’ll just leave it with what my girlfriend Cynthia said. “If I were Rush’s mother I would say ‘Oh no, that’s NOT an apology, try again.”

You and I CAN and will make a difference this fall. VOTE.

15 thoughts on “Republicans, Sluts and Idiots Oh my!

  1. Dave, I can appreciate and respect your opinions, but you are a little off base wit hObama’s attempt to dig us out of a hole. He, in fact, has dug the hole deeper and is not only putting Christians’ rights on the chopping block, but also those of health care providers and the patients themselves. I work in the medical field and what he is proposing and has emplemented is going to destroy healthcare as we know it. There is a lot to that story that I don’t have time to state, but believe me, it ain’t gonna pe pretty if it gets pushed through….


  2. do not we have a separation of church and state??
    politics should be for the good of all the people why does the christian right get to dictate (FORCE) their beliefs on our government?
    is this really what is best for America?
    this time now was one of Barry Goldwaters biggest fears..
    religious zealots do not negotiate because they have God on their side.
    who are we to decide whose god is mightier?

    we are one country in a big world.
    yes I know WE ARE AMERICA.
    and will have OUR way. but at what cost???
    the rest of the world thinks we are fools.
    might makes right rah rah AMERICA.
    am sick of the religious right with god on their side blocking the economic recovery.
    keeping us in a constant state of panic and fear..
    all churches but especially the catholic churches (yes i am a Catholic) no birth control policy has created over population in every country they have invaded.,.
    over population, starvation, poverty these are the real legacy of the christian right
    . this planet is small we are one people one planet and ultimately we will be one nation..
    as real Christians we should be more compassionate.
    we all laugh, cry, bled, live, love,and die .
    As a race we need to grow up
    As I watch and listen to OUR republican leaders like shrub 2 and the limp dick cheny who have driven this great nation to the ground .
    i am humbled by how Pres, Obama has tried to get America out of the gutter where it was driven by my party.
    and how the religious right has struggled to stand in his path.
    I feel ashamed..
    ,,. Religious zealots do not and will not compromise they have god on their side,(THEIR GOD)
    (at christian brothers where i was schooled we had a saying : every fool in error will find a passage in the bibleOR THEIR HOLY BOOK to support THEMSELFS
    )religion has no place in government,
    when will we all start being AMERICANS again???
    put the good of ALL FIRST again???????
    there is more but i figure you haters will need to reply



  3. Ohr constitution says we shall have the “freedom of religion”. Nowhere does it say freedom “from” religion. Should Muslims and Wiccans have the same rights as we do? Certainly…until it comes to denying the sanctity of life. And that does not mean that my Christian rights should be squashed to accomodate theirs. The schools have already , for the most part, obliterated religious holidays, BUT, they endorse and encompass the use of Yoga (which is an Eastern religious exercise) and “Meditation” again coming from the Eastern religions), yet the same children who are told to do these things are told not to pray to God, mary, Allah, or whomever. My point in this little tyrade is that it is perfectly fine to bash a Chrisitan who stands for his/her beliefs, but it is NOT ok to defend our beliefs. The Christians are the ones who are having their God mocked and “tempted” in degrading manners. (See the crucifix inserted in a jar of urine and call it “art”). If someone draws a cartoon of Mohammed, all hell breaks loose because of it. Ummm…did we miss something here? Where are WE protected? Where are our children protected? …I’ll hush now. I have more, but my fingers are tired. LOVE YOU…


  4. I knew youd chime in. Glad you did. I disagree as much with the organized hate campaign against Kirk as I do the campaign against Ellen. Both camps were wrong. we as a nation have forgotten how to treat human beings. My rights should end where yours begin so to speak. But with the Internet age it’s becoming easy to make demands and be hateful. Where have our manners gone?

    I also believe our founding fathers made a crucial mistake in their verbiage. They were Protestants being persecuted by Rome and they assumed that “religion” would always be synonymous with Christianity and that is no longer the case. But they did not clearly define religion. Now we have groups who want Shari Law, groups that don’t believe in medical care and will allow their children to die, groups that practice witchcraft and do sacrifices, polygamy and on and on.

    All are religions. All are protected by the constitution. When I was a child we had all of the Jewish and Christian holidays off, now there are other religious holidays in the mix. What do we do? If our children sing songs in school choirs that are Christian should they not also be allowed to sing songs to Allah? As Christians we don’t want that. (I’m citing Colorado.) but we have Muslim children in our schools, do we not allow them the same freedom?

    Our legislature has the horrible job of discerning which religions our constitution protects and which ones they deny.

    No one wins.

    I wouldn’t want their job.


  5. I decided to chime in on this one, but I am not going to touch the abortion issue, especially the “when does life begin” part, but I want to say that our religious liberties are being taken away at an alarming rate. In Canada, a minister can be arrested for reading his Bible to the congregation in pasages that say homosexuality is wrong. Kirk Cameron was “bashed” for stating his own beliefs about what the Bible says. Children are having their Bibles confiscated from their hands by teachers who are afraid to allow them to read it on school property. (yes…this really happens!!!!) A child’s lunch was confiscated because it didn’t meet the criteria set for the schooldlunch program and the mother was sent a bill for the lunch she was given. Our Whitehouse resident made a
    statement a couple of weeks ago that it was wrong of our founding fathers to make it
    so difficult for a president to change laws. EXCUSE ME?????? The GOP is wanting to make sure our liberties remain protected while others are wanting to take even more away. It is really sad when you can not vote on who will be the best president, but who will do the least damage to our rights as human beings and citizens of this great country.


  6. I will add pastor lCMS uses the word minister both as a verb and a noun. The teacher in question was not an ordained member of the clergy, if she were I’d support the supreme courts rule, but she wasn’t. What that school (under the guise of a church) did to her was wrong. I’ve worked in corporate and I’ve worked in churches. I would rather would in corporate and be protected by federal law than be abused by the whims of the parish. I’ve churches destroy amazing men and women of God. You guys suffer more abuse than anything I’ve ever seen


    • I’m still very conflicted about the particulars of that case. The general principles that ultimately were at issue are very important to me (recognizing that the government doesn’t make the distinctions we do about what is a “minister”), but I agree, what happened there (as far as I can tell, and I suspect only a handful of people really know the truth) seems terribly wrong.

      For whatever it’s worth, I expressed some of those thoughts here:


      • Thanks, I’ll look at it. The supreme court made the only decision they could. It was the right call given the facts they had. It still hurts my heart nonetheless, it seems they fired her because she had a disability. The church as a whole could learn a lot from corporate when it comes to employment practices. Like i said, I’ve seen a lot. I rest on Rev 19:11 believe it or not it gives me peace. God be the judge.

        I’ll look at your link. Thank you again for commenting.

        It’s hard being a Christian, especially an LCMS Christian and be against the personhood bill. I get hate mail. I see the bigger picture, it won’t just stop abortion, it will stop so much more. It’s still bigger government no matter how you look at it.

        When it comes to life and choice issues, I’m sincerely torn. My mother is a rape victim. I have a filter. For better or for worse, I know that and so I’m careful. I don’t choose sides on that issue.

        There are no good answers other than knowing that God himself sets kings. I trust in that. Blessings.


  7. Thank you so much for commenting pastor, I really do appreciate that. Im referring more to the peronhood bills and the mandates for vaginal ultra sounds for rape and molestation victims before seeking abortions. They want to rape (insert a probe into these womens vaginas) victims. Thats wrong to me. I’m more concerned with that than whether or not my insurance covers the pill. My insurance never paid for my birth control. I do empathize with the church here. I think we both agree healthcare has no place in politics. Even though I believe health insurance does need to be reformed, I do not believe Obamacare is the answer.

    I guess where we differ is in my state the GOP wants to pass the personhood bill which would essentially outlaw birth control as well as invitro fertilization since embryos do die in that process. The pill is not an abortion drug. It does however keep a fertilized egg from implanting within the uterus. Some people call that abortion. I don’t. A fertilized egg does not equal a viable pregnancy. I don’t want the government, either local or national marketing decisions. Politicians are not equipped.

    I was Republican until last year. I left because I believe the GOP has lost its way. Santurums ” keep your knees closed” comment was equally degrading, especially to married women.

    Again, thank you for commenting. We aren’t as far apart in our overall opinion as it would seem. Blessings.


  8. Deana,

    To my knowledge, no congressman, senator, or presidential candidate for the GOP has in any way said he wants to be involved in your “girl parts.” The issue is whether or not the government has the authority to force religious organizations to provide abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception to their employees. That’s a very, very big difference.

    As for the “slut” comment: of course it was reprehensible. But don’t let his disgusting comments the issue: religious liberty and the preservation of the first amendment guarantee of our unalienable rights. You want the government out of your “girl parts,” the churches want them out of our health plans, and consciences.

    If the government can force churches to provide abortion-inducing drugs, what can’t they do?

    Christopher Esget


    • Very thought out response, Christopher.

      Yes, I am one of those GOPer’s and I love Deana, too.

      Aren’t there many affordable/free places for women to go for pills anyway? But that’s not what is going on here.

      The comments made from a big name talk show host did unwittingly take the focus from the entitlement mentality and freedom argument and onto contraception – which was not what hearings were about; they were about church and state. (Logically it is puzzling – politically it was brilliant.) This hub bub has distracted from the real issues of freedom and government encroachment which were dragging down the current adminstration and turned it around to its favor.

      I’m not Koolaid drinking Left or Right. But I’m for freedom and the moral responsibility that comes with it. So I side with Christopher on this one.

      Still love you, Deana.



      • I should make clear that I don’t identify myself as a Republican. But on this particular issue, the Republicans are defending the Constitution and, more importantly, our natural rights given by God, and the Democrats are in the process of taking our rights away, systematically. The Obama administration already tried to interfere with a church’s right to choose its own ministers. Fortunately, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 against them. But it doesn’t make the attempt any less sinister.


      • Logically puzzling, politically brilliant yes indeed. I guess I’m technically a moderate, neither right nor left and not a fence sitter. The debates have indeed gotten off course.


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