Wordless Wednesday: where there is smoke, someone forgot to check the oven.


This was my popcorn bowl. Now it looks like a clam. The culprit? My oven. I was in a hurry and put some bowls inside of it for “safe keeping.”  Plastic popcorn bowls are not forgiving of forgetful women like me and 400 degree ovens. They also make a lot of smoke. Did you know that if you open the oven door you let in oxygen and not only will you have smoke, you’ll now have flames.

Have you ever done something like that?

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: where there is smoke, someone forgot to check the oven.

  1. Wax paper hunh? Wow. I would not have thought of that, glad nothing else caught.

    Rena I can just see your husband asking about the tea pot. too cute.


  2. I bought two microwave “pots” for making tea, obviously in the microwave. They are a sturdy plastic material. I had gone on a trip without my wonderful husband, and when I called to tell him I had arrived safely, he asked if it is ok to use them on the stovetop. I said no, because they are plastic. A timid “Oh” was the response. He thought (and I ascertained that he had hoped) that since it had melted down into the catch-pan that I had purchased a “defective” pan. Ah the joys of learning valuable lessons….FYI…he did get all of it off of the burner.


  3. Not so much like this but we had wax paper too close to the stove and when hubby went to put it in the sink while it was burning almost got my valance curtians in the window and that would have been that for the house.

    Glad it was only a popcorn bowl!


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