Cycling Update: June 6, 2012

People are asking if I’m still riding my bike or did I give up that ghost. I am still riding my bike and while I can tell I’ve gotten stronger, my weight has plateaued. I’m guessing my mad cooking skills combined with having all three men at home may have contributed to that. I cannot be trusted near chips, dips, cheese, mayonnaise or dairy. I need to work on my self-control skills.

In keeping with my goals — I joined forces with ADA and rode in Tulsa’s Tour de Cure to help fight diabetes. I only signed up for 10 miles as opposed to the 25 mile ride for multiple reasons which in hindsight, were short-sighted.

1. I wanted to get me feet wet and find out what these rides were like. –

2. The 25 mile route goes on main roads and I’m not ready for roads/group rides, I still have a lot to learn. –

3. The fear of “what if I have to pee” is a present reality in my life. Ten miles is my safest bet. (This is true for a lot of us women in our 40’s)

I could have done the 25 miles, and next time I will.

The ride went well. The fun ride of ten miles was a relatively small group in comparison to the others. I made all the hills without having to get off my bike once. (woot! could not do that six months ago and one of those hills was a killer, I passed a lot of walkers.) I didn’t crash or hurt anyone. I had fun and it was for a great cause.

The only problem I had was my allergy induced asthma flared up and I did not bring an inhaler. Rather than cross the finish line sucking wind, I dropped just before the finish line and went straight to my car instead. I know, I cheated. I could feel the asthma attack coming on and went home to get my inhaler, which was a good thing because it hit right before I got home.

Ten miles was easy, and that is growth in my mad riding skills. We raised over $110,000 for diabetes and everyone had a great day. My only disappointment is I didn’t trust myself enough to push. At least I’ll be better prepared for the next time out and therefore able to stay all day. I even have people interested in being part of a whole team next year. That will be fun!

The feeling I have from completing a goal is priceless. No one can hand you self-esteem on a silver platter, it has to be earned. Yes, I struggle with that like most women do. I like to compare my outer self with other’s high light reels. I’m working on that.

Have a great day you guys.


2 thoughts on “Cycling Update: June 6, 2012

  1. Congratulations on a ride well done. Regarding the plateau, your last name is WILL POWER…first name..LACK OF! LOL!!! I am in that same boat. But now that I am officially high risk pre-diabetic, I MUST learn to control my “whims”.


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