Music Monday: How about them cowgirls, George Strait

how about them cowgirls“Oh for the love of God Deana, just get to the nut-cuttin’ already!” – June C.

My girlfriend June used to own a ranch near Mounds Oklahoma. She was a can chaser back in the day and the first real cowgirl I ever met. I spent three years trying to learn how to chase like she did. Not gonna happen in this lifetime but it sure was fun tryin’. She is an amazing woman. She is also the person who told me it’s best for a man to take his chances chasing an F-5 tornado than dealing with an angry cowgirl.

Oklahoma is full of cowgirls, which explains why our state bird is a storm chaser.

I love George Strait and I love my girlfriends. Y’all rock!

Proof that Banjo Is Cool: Neil Young

“There is music you never hear unless you play it yourself.”
― Marty Rubin

banjo neil youngIf I could sum up the feel that I go for when playing banjo, this picture would be it. It’s Neil Young, circa 1970’s playing sitting quietly under a tree.

People usually make fun of banjo. My thoughts are if Neil Young plays, it must be cool.

Having a broken leg has it’s advantages. I was so busy last year that practicing my banjo was usually an after thought.  My teacher can probably attest to that. I’m pretty sure I annoyed the snot out of him many times by showing up without the songs memorized.

I’m presently on week 30 of my “12 week vacation” and I’ve found a lot of time to practice.

Go figure.

Today, I spend a whole lot of my day sitting and picking and learning and I love it.

I especially love the fact that I can pick up my banjo and create something that didn’t exist five minutes ago.

That is too cool.