An Orgie of Art

There is nothing quite like having the house pretty much to yourself for three days to create art. Well, except for the aftermath. I spent most of last week creating center pieces for the LWML Fall Festival and my kitchen looks like an agricultural Holocaust took place. Plant droppings (wisps, seeds, and various fluff) are clinging to crevices in my kitchen with the elusive power of glitter. It’ll be a while before the evidence of my artistic indulgence are thoroughly removed.

In the mean time I thought I’d show you guys some of what I did.

Here is all of them — The lines on the table are actually random wheat straw droppings and not scratches.

Candle Holders can double as vases

This one was pretty simple really. To create this look I trim a round Styrofoam ball, add moss around it and just plug in flowers and sprigs until it was full. — I know I drive people crazy when I tell them that. But that’s really what I do. I just “know” when it’s finished.

Use things from Nature. Twigs make a great visual effect by pulling the eyes upward. Sorry about the blur.
Dried Lavender, Eucalyptus and seed pods are great fall finds.
Wheat is a great addition as well. You can't tell, but the feather is really a deep teal.

With the droughts this year, wheat is not only hard to find but also expensive. My girlfriend is a consummate ditch scavenger. I am not. I bought mine at Nettleton Hollow. I totally recommend them by the way. They have a wonderful natural selection that beats out everyone else by landslide for quality, availability and price.

And that in a nutshell is how I spent last week.  Now, to clean up my mess. Until next time y’all.