My Head in the Clouds

Now that I have admitted that my head and my body are not in the same time zone, I thought I’d share with you where my head has been all week.

It’s been in New Mexico. Jeff and I went to the Dynamic Communicator’s Workshop held in Glorietta NM. We had a wonderful time and I will probably post more thoughts on that later. Suffice to say I learned a ton, I still have a lot to learn, and I’m not giving up. I left encouraged rather than defeated. — There was a ton of talent there and I had to remind myself that they too started somewhere. THIS is my somewhere.

This isn’t a fancy video by any stretch, but if you look closely enough, maybe you can smell the pine trees and aspen that I miss so much. Walking down those paths, took Jeff and I to a place I’d forgotten. New Mexico is far to barren and brown for my tastes. But the mountains? Oh, the mountains, call to us in a way that I still cannot put in writing.