And I still haven’t met Mark Lowry

Mark's newest CD, Unforgettable Classics is amazingly wonderful.
Mark’s newest CD, Unforgettable Classics is amazingly wonderful. I picked up my copy at the Gaither Homecoming concert in Tulsa on Saturday.  I think it’s fantastic. Click on the photo if you want more information.

Whelp, I’m three for three you guys.

I have had three chances to meet Mr. Lowry in the past five years and I struck out every time. — I don’t mean that nearly as stalkerish as that sounds, I promise. I’m just a fan and would simply like to meet him and thank him for his music and comedy.

My first chance to meet him was about five years ago when he came to Tulsa and I was so busy “evangelizing” one of the volunteers that I missed the meet and greet.

Okay, maybe evangelizing is the wrong word choice. How can I put this? One of the ushers gave me a flier for a senior citizen trip to Branson with Mark and refused to give the same flier to my husband because and I quote “This trip is for senior citizens only and you don’t look like one.”

Bless his heart. That man (the usher) must have been born stupid, is all I can think.


Strike one.

Mark scheduled another concert in Tulsa for January of this year (first time he’s been back without the Gaithers I believe) and I purchased tickets for all of my friends and various church staff as Christmas gifts.  Well, Mark fell and broke his leg and the concert was rescheduled for May. That would have been fine except that by May, I forgot about the concert and went to the lake to work on my homework and music instead. My friends, however all had a wonderful time. Some of them even got to meet him. Figures.

Strike two.

I made a last minute decision to go the The Gaither Homecoming this year and found a seat on the floor, 8th row, stage left, aisle. I was THIS close to the stage. I could see everything and it was wonderful.

I absolutely love the Gaithers. Their music plays a huge role in my spiritual walk. Every song they’ve written has taught me something new about God. I love that. This year, I heard The Martins for the first time — SNAP they are amazing. The Hoppers were great as always and GVB? Oh my word — well, words fail me. I love the Gaither Vocal Band, have for years. Angela Primm had me on me feet — Mercy that woman has energy and what a voice!  Michael English made me cry, so there is that. I forgot the rule, don’t bother wearing mascara to a Gaither concert because sooner or later, you’re going to cry.

All in all it was a wonderful night. And I still didn’t get to meet Mark. Oh well. One of these days perhaps.

And that would be strike three.

I couldn’t get passed the seniors. I’m not kidding. Even though I sat in the 8th row, I’m fairly certain if I tried to meet anyone, those ladies would have been willing to throw down.  I still can’t wrap my brain around  watching senior citizens crowd the gate by the stage after the show just to touch or meet Mr Gaither.

Even funnier, when I got outside there was a crowd of SENIORS around the tour busses. Now they are either the oldest groupies I’ve ever seen or they forgot what bus they arrived in.

I did at least purchase Mr. Lowry’s new CD, Unforgettable Classics and listened to it on the drive home. It’s a wonderful CD. He has the perfect voice for some of my favorite classic songs. Songs like Smile, It had to be you, and The very thought of you just to name a few. I’m a hopeless romantic. I love the old classics.  Click on the photo see his web page and take a listen. You will not be disappointed.

Edited to add: I did finally meet Mr. Lowry. This story went viral and a theater in Ada invited me to a show in order to meet him. I was a tad embarrassed by the circumstance and afraid that after reading this story, he’d think I was a stalker which I’m not. I was rendered speechless (bug eyed and blushing) Somehow trying to explain “It’s okay, I’m not a stalker, I’m a comic too.” did not sound sane to me. 

FCC Disclaimer: As always no goods or services have been received in exchange for this endorsement. I’m only passing on a resource I believe my readers will enjoy. I am not associated with Mark Lowry, or his subsidiaries in any way shape or form.
Thank you for making this the most shared and most read  story of 2013. You guys are too sweet.