Oh Woe is me

The poem I posted the other day references the Father of Lies – Satan. I found it in an old prayer journal of mine. The same one that listed the seven woes warned about in Matthew. In learning about the dirty cup, and letting go of my rubbery mentality, God took me through the book of Matthew – I wrote down everything I learned, and pondered them in my heart for once, instead of just my brain.

Every time the water in my cup would go down, satan would speak an offering of some sort or other to pacify my heart. Junk Food – no more no less. I was so busy learning and teaching, I’d forgotten how to ponder, and digest. My cup was so full of misadventures and the fear of being found out (fog) there was no room for grace.

The only solution really, was to allow the cup to break. Then and only then could God get my attention long enough – to do something with it.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be blogging about the different things God showed me, not about leaders or rulers, but about myself. Someone else might read those verses and receive and entirely different message from God – and that’s okay.

Under no circumstances do I ever presume to say “This is an oracle of the Lord.” All I know is this is what I learned, and how I am trying to apply it to my life today.

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