I Got Nothing…

Have you ever had one of those weeks where by Friday you did not want to handle one more phone call, one more email, or one more person at the door?

That is me this week.

I chewed out my son’s principal, only to find out that I did not have the whole story. At least I was calm in my I think you own me an explanation remarks. I was clear, concise, and respectful with my concerns and asked for an explanation.If the facts had been correct, he would have had one, but they weren’t. He did tell me that I was a lot nicer than he would have expected given the information I was handed. That did not make me feel better. Knowing that my son lied to me and played a deep victim in this situation hurt my heart.

My friend’s mother in law passed away and today was the funeral. I got to be there for her.

My Dad is sick.

There are things going on with my boys I cannot write about. Not yet anyway. What I can say is my oldest is graduating highschool in a month, and my youngest has serious self esteem issues that I do not know how to fix.

And other things I cannot write about.

What has me so fried right now, is the fact that I am powerless over every single thing that happened this week. I cannot fix, control, or change any of it. I don’t like that. I took most of my nervous energy out on my gardens yesterday, and I’m working on setting those blog posts up. My gardens are a place of healing for me. It’s a place where God and I get to meet almost face to face, and I love it. It’s also a place where I have some control. I design it, and plant it. I build and have a hand in creating beauty. It is renewing for me. I wanted to do the same today, but it’s been pouring rain all day. I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed? Where do you go for rest?

4 thoughts on “I Got Nothing…

  1. I remind myself that the feeling is God’s way of challenging me to grow. No matter how hard it gets or how much it hurts, He knows I can push through it. Remarkably, I do!


  2. Sorry you’re going through a rough patch, Deana — but try to see it for just that. My heart goes out to you & I wish I had the perfect words of wisdom to make you suddenly feel all better. Keep trying to keep perspective & turning it all over to God, sister.


  3. Thanks Ted. This was a week. Easter hangover perhaps? What I do have and do know is that God is in control and that this too shall pass.

    A friend joked with me today. She gardens to blow of steam as well and added, who says you can’t bury your troubles?

    Tomorrow night, I am taking a road trip with a good friend of mine to see Chonda Pierce. We are going to laugh ourselves stupid and have fun. That is always good.


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