Mission Impossible

n593046555_1389948_8118Dropping my 18 year old off at the airport for his first out of the country mission trip was far more difficult for me, than it was for him. Charlie is excited, and I’m well, not so much. I had to leave before I started crying. Afterall I don’t want to embarass the kid in front of his friends.

This is just part of a long list of firsts, all of them life changing in some way or another.


The first day of school

His first time to Camp Lutherhoma

His first youth trip to Branson

National Youth Gathering in Orlando

His first Date


Camp Barnabus where he served as a camp counselor for special needs kids

And Now Belize.

I’ll be dropping him off again in August only this time it will be college.

Will he be ready? Oh yeah.

Will I?

I doubt it.

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