Baby Steps for Mom

I’m looking for something profound to write, and I got nadda. I’m in the middle of learning how to let go of my oldest son, and I’ve discovered there is no easy solution. This is my child and I suddenly find myself swimming in a sea of what if’s and needless fears. That is not an easy path. Nor is it a path in which I am alone in. Mother’s all over the world struggle with letting go of their children when they want wings. They get wings, and we grow stronger as well. It’s all part of life.

God’s promises are true. The only way that I can let go of my son is to remember that he isn’t mine to hang on to. He belongs to God. So with every visit, every phone call, every email, I say a silent prayer and give him back to the one who created him to begin with.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do care. That doesn’t mean I haven’t cried. I do. Even still, I also have to trust that God cares for him far more than I will ever be able.

I love listening to the college stories. I love hearing about the new things he’s learning – Broadcast Journalism. And I love seeing the changes that are already taking place.

My child is becoming a man. If I don’t let go, I’ll miss this new creation that God is molding. I’ll miss the beauty of life. I don’t want to miss that.

Chonda Pierce sang a song when her oldest left for college called “Hold on Tighter”. My boys were still in middle school the first time I heard it and I remember thinking what a pretty song. I cry when I listen to it today. I get it now. The solution in letting go of my child’s hand is to grab onto the hand of God. –” You just hold on tighter to a hand that stronger.” This parent is learning how to become a child again and hold on to my Daddy’s hand while he takes care of my son.

For more of Chonda see her web sight at

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