Bullies Don’t Scare Me Like They Used to.

But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. —

Know any bullies in your life? I once believed that bullies were something that only existed on the play ground at school or on the walk home. I can remember being chased home by a boy up the street with threats of annihilation. Mom said he had a crush on me. I don’t believe her. I really think he just liked the fear that he was able to get out of me. It was a control thing.  I wasn’t the only kid he did that to. Sad part is someone had enough and ran him down with a car when he was older.

It was no different with the A-List girls. You’ve seen the movie “Mean Girls” haven’t you? — Them. Those ultra popular, pretty girls, who live to make the awkward, late bloomer as my mother would call it, girls like me miserable. I would inevitably allow those girls to define who I was — a sniveling mess of mascara hiding in the girls room – as an ugly, stupid, never get it right kid. The more they taunted, the more invisible I wanted to become.

I spent most of Jr High and a lot of high school hiding from girls like that. I was also a majorette and in student council. You’d think I’d know better. But I didn’t.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I got brave one year. As fate would have it, one of these mean girls was alone in the locker room. Her goonie body guards were nowhere to be found and I came up behind her, grabbed her hair and body slammed her face into the locker. What felt good for about five seconds didn’t feel so good afterwards. Her goonie friends weren’t as missing as I had thought and faster than you can say “detention” they threw my half dressed body onto the co-ed gymnasium floor, landing me at the feet of our middle school principal.

Getting even with cheap shots like that is never worth it.

Bullies exist well into adulthood and I’ll write about that tomorrow. For right now, I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever been bullied? What did you do?

2 thoughts on “Bullies Don’t Scare Me Like They Used to.

  1. That is a great way to put that Rena — stepping to make themselves taller.

    Thanks for commenting. Bulling is so common, and so painful. The boy that got run down was left paralyzed if I remember correctly. Taking matters into our own hands, isn’t the right way either. Look at Columbine.

    Bullying isn’t just in school. It can be found in the workplace, in clubs, in church. So what is the scriptural answer to that? … that’s what I’m reading about and will hopefully put tegether soon.

    And yes – I’m reading about it, praying over it, and studying it because it is presently impacting me and I know I’m not alone.


  2. Bullied isn’t what I call it, in my situation; more like terrorism. Being that I was always the shortest one in the class as well as a “late bloomer”, I found myself the target of all of the other “bullied” kids, as well as the bullies. I was the bottom of the food chain. It wasn’t until high school that I learned that they we stepping on me to make themselves look taller. (Thank you Mr. Weatherall for explaining that to me.)


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