White Christmas..Slip Sliding Away..

(Dear Readers: I do apologize for the subscription update with the bad link that all of you received this morning. I am experiencing techinical difficulties with that post — the internet ate it — I will be reposting that story after the first of the year. Thanks)


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…. and snow plows please. Tulsa has them, but apparently Broken Arrow does not. We’ve been snowed in for a few days. I don’t mind really. It’s Christmas and my family is home. My groceries are stocked, and we’re content to stay in our jammies, light up the fireplace and drink hot cocoa.

The gentle rain turned to hail, then snow on Christmas Eve leaving a blanket of a foot or more in our part of town. The drifts are much higher and City Hall seems to have taken on the belief that it will melt eventually therefore Broken Arrow didn’t really bother plowing. The roads they did try to plow, are plowed down to the ice. I did venture out to get Dillon’s prescription refilled and that is about as adventurous as I’m willing to be. I don’t like fishtailing on main roads.

Our Christmas Eve candlight services were cancelled, as was Ablaze Church on Saturday night.  We opened our house Saturday night and had an end of year pot luck for anyone on the team who could make it. Several people were able to make it and we enjoyed the fellowship of friends.

Our former Pastor, Dr Reed Lessing, was in town and was preaching on Sunday.  I didn’t care about the snow. Dr Lessing is my first real pastor and his family means the world to us.  Nothing short of the apocolypse was going to keep us away from seeing them. And so we did venture out for that.  Totally worth it.

I will be posting a year end review for Ablaze Church as well as our family ministry updates by Wednesday. Until then… I’ll share some Christmas Photos.  Have a blessed week ya’ll.

Christmas Eve in front of our house.
Christmas Morning
Our Neighborhood looks so peaceful.

2 thoughts on “White Christmas..Slip Sliding Away..

  1. A white CHRISTmas seems to have a special meaning to many people. I think your last picture caption hit it. Everything is so peaceful. Sounds of modern society are muffled by the depths of the snow. Everything looks “even” and clean. It even smells different outside when snow covers the ground. It’s too bad that more people can’t appreciate the lessons imbedded in their snow covered neighborhoods.


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