Poetry: Redeem the Days of Silence

Redeeming the hour
Of words unspoken
Gospels denied
Deeds undone and
Needs overlooked
Would take a life time of wishes.
If you were a simple soul that is.
Confessions made
To cold-hearted clerics
Who hold the words of absolution
Your medicine
Your lifeblood
In the palm of their hands
And choose to say nothing
Rip the very fabric of your being;
Causing you to question the heart of God himself.
And yet a stronger soul
Emerges from the ashes of wasted words
And needless silence.
Like the phoenix
You rise
And are reborn.
Carrying with you
A heart for the unredeemed hours
Of your life.
You see the hearts
Of the lost and the hurting.
You speak the truths
you were once denied
To others whose needs are no more
Or no less than your own.
In place of the devils behind
Who left their teeth in your hide
You become the god with skin on
For those who need his touch.
You listen
You pray
You touch
You feel
You tell the only truth
Anyone needs to hear.
God sings over you
Your sins are forgiven
Rest in that knowledge
And forgive those whose own scars
Rendered them silent on your behalf.
You are more than a simple soul
Living on wishes and lies of others.
You are a phoenix
More valuable than silver or gold.
Bought at a price
Redeem the day.

This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemtion’s Heart. All rights reserved. May 1,2010

4 thoughts on “Poetry: Redeem the Days of Silence

  1. Wow….really thought provoking. I can see that depending on a reader’s circumstances they could read this differently. As one afflicted; a need to be acknowledged and given hope, or as one redeemed; a desire to be that hope. This fits with John Eldridge’s teaching about forgiveness to those before us for not showing us the way. Acknowledging that they too came from a broken place to begin with and what they (and we) have to offer is imperfect.

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