Let’s Talk About it: Why are you a ………

In yesterday’s post I commented that I choose to be a Christian because it works for me.

That comment both confused and upset a few people. I didn’t mean that nearly as flip or me-centric as it may have sounded. And I’m sure it does pose the inevitable question of “So if it stops working does that mean you’ll try something else?”  While that is a very fair question, the answer for me is no, I am not going to go somewhere else when this doesn’t seem to be working for me. It really isn’t about me, I’m home.

The problem is though – Christianity isn’t all I’ve ever known. So for me, it was a choice. Whether that faith came from God or was passed on by my Grandmother and other witnesses is not my point of discussion for right now. I’ll get to that later, I promise.

My question for you guys though is this:

What is your faith tradition. Why are you a _______________ (Fill in the blank)


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About it: Why are you a ………

  1. I am a Christian because when I going down the New Age path and was tormented by the dark side, I cried out to God and he answered me immediately and delivered me. (That was back in 1973.) Shortly, I met some loving Christians who told the straight Gospel, I got a New Testament, and read it for the first time. There was no going back ….


  2. Like you, I have been involved in several religious groups. All of them had at least some Biblical truth to support their beliefs. Through the study of their doctrines and the Bible itself, I came to know the whole truth, and I was able to see through the smiling faces and lies. I am a Christian because of the truth I have read in the Bible and the Holy Spirit that lives in me to help me understand it. I have learned from my Biblical studies that Jesus is the answer…PERIOD.


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