Lost in the Hootsuite

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It was bound to happen, one click and all of my social networks collided — I mean merged. Within seconds I have new blog posts, new Facebook updates and new twitter announcements, all because hootsuite is really that cool and I am really that much of a computer dork.  

I honestly didn’t mean for them to collide. All I wanted was one page of columns that would allow me to keep track of my main systems. I did not intend to simulcast my thoughts willy nilly to the world and yet I did exactly that. oopsies. I’m not sure if I need to call the Geek Squad or a Taxidermist. Hootsuite, Taxidermist, get it?    

For those of you who came here looking for my joke about fur coats that was blasted into cyberspace and then deleted by me, sorry about that. I had no idea my system also sent out an email. To make up for that, I am posting the joke again.  

People are more violently opposed to fur than leather,   

because it’s safer to harass rich women than biker gangs.  

There, aren’t you happy now. The post that got eaten has now returned.    

My posts are going to slow down a bit while I re-work the whole “Spiritual Bulimic” concept in my brain. It needs to be more organized and structured than it is at the moment. I thank you in advance for hanging with me.  

If you would like to subscribe and receive email updates when new posts are sent out, please be sure to click on the subscribe button on the right hand of the screen. That way you won’t need to come back every day to see if I’ve posted anything, and you won’t miss a post either.  

Have a great day everyone.  


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