Wordless Wednesdays: 1989

It was 80’s week on Facebook last week and we were asked to post pictures of ourselves from that hilarious decade. Do any of you remember the Aqua-Net fog in the girls locker room? I still have hair big enough to have its own zip code. My scanner isn’t working, but I do have a picture of my sweetie and I at a wedding in Chicago, 1989.

We met in October of 1988 — he worked in Customer Service at Sprint-United and I worked in IT. He spilled coke on his keyboard and I replaced it with an apparently defective refurbished keyboard. He swears I did that on purpose. Poor man asked me out several times and one day I finally told him that “I don’t normally date men I work with.”

His response?  “That’s okay because I’m not normal.”

We went on our first date on December 3, 2008 — He took me to a really fun pizza place, off  Touhy and Dempster in Chicago and then to a comedy club. We’ve been together ever since and he is still my favorite man on the planet.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesdays: 1989

  1. Thanks Susan. He’s a keeper. I also agreed to go out with him because he told me he played in a band (yes he used that line. I love it) and I have a thing for musicians. I loved going to watch him play. I have the same problem with pictures. I’d have to scan everything – which is actually on my project list of things to do later. As for big hair, I’m pretty sure my lungs are still coated with hair spray. WOW. Even the guys had big hair.


  2. Sweet story. Love that picture. You both look content and natural.

    The problem with the 80s is that I have no digital photos. Still the era of Polaroid.

    But I have been watching DVDs of the 80s TV show – Magnum PI. Tom Selleck and his buds have great hair. And the women, like Carol the DA – big hair. It’s a hoot.


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