Watching the Bears in Peace

I love my Bears.
I love my husband.
I love watching my Bears WITH my husband.
Our oldest is away at college.
Our youngest was at work.
We are alone.
On the couch.
Watching the pre-game show.
When the old quarterbacks start talking about Cutler and Thigpen.
I can’t make this up.
One former quarterback to another:
“Thigpen might be third string for Miami, but he’s got a great tight end.”
Seriously, would YOU let a comment like that pass you by?
It gets better.
Another announcer mispronounces the word “version” and says “Every team has a virgin like that.”
My husband has decided that the boys can never move away.

3 thoughts on “Watching the Bears in Peace

  1. I love that movie. Jeff is a total Goldie Hawn fan. I live with the knowledge that if she were to show up on our doorstep for him, I’d be single. ;-D

    I was having waay too much fun with the commentators, they really do drive me nuts.


  2. Goldie Hawn was in a movie about coaching a high school football team, and for the life of me I can not remember the name. Football has a number of “terms” that can easily be misunderstood as something else…and that movie is full of them. You can actually learn a lot about football watching it. might have to google to find the name of it now…before it drives me nuts.


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