People Who Love My Blog

While researching my blog statistics to determine my top posts for 2010, I discovered that I have a rather eclectic following. Among my friends from high school, college, family, and pastors wives can be found others as well. This other category is rather eclectic. And so I would like to thank everyone who has read or commented in 2010. A tongue in cheek look if you will.

Thank you:

Pastors & Pastor’s Wives, I appreciate you. – I really do. You guys help me stay real and hopefully I’m able to share some really cool resources as I find them. I hope anyway. You guys have the most difficult job I know.

There are also the Pastor’s Watchdogs who go back and tell other pastors that I’m doing it wrong. I appreciate you as well, believe it or not.

Thank you friends and family from Michigan, as well as elsewhere in the US, you know who you are and I really do appreciate you.

Thank you to the Pentagon who has been on my page at least twice this year. As an only child, I’ve always wanted a big brother.

Thank you Komrads from Russia – without you I would not know I need to drink more tea.

Thank you Africa for your missionaries and those who wish to give me an inheritance.

Thank you PX90 for telling me I need you, every day, all year-long — stop it already, you’re giving me a complex.

Thank you all for telling me how I can win the lottery, bed a girl a day, lose weight, manage my money, drink tea, bet on races, move to Vegas, buy prescription drugs, and everything else a girl needs to know in this day and age.

Thank you everyone who has taken time out of their day to come read what I have to say. I’m blessed humbled, and thankful for you all. Have a very blessed Christmas.

4 thoughts on “People Who Love My Blog

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Deana!

    I wanted to tell you a little story about how you inspired our New Year’s Eve service this evening.

    I work on the worship staff at a large church in Texas, and over a month ago we were planning our Advent series, “He Shall be Called…” Well, obviously, the four weeks of Advent would be Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. But then we needed a few more weeks to get us into our next message series. The day after Christmas was easy, “Emmanuel”…God with us. We do our service of the remembrance of our “faithful departed” saints (those members who’ve gone home during the year) on January 2, so we are taking a look at the name “Alpha & Omega” since He is both our beginning (New Year) and our end…our faithful departed. That left us with just one service to plan for…our New Year’s Eve service. I remembered your post regarding your resolutions to lost weight, etc. and your insight into thinking “I am going to do this, or that” and how you need to start with the great I AM! I was the hero of the planning session, but of course I gave credit where credit was due!

    I just wanted you to know that you never know who or what you will inspire! Thank you so much for the laughs and vulnerability this year.

    And I want to see that picture!


    • Oh wow Pam — thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year back. Thank you for the story, that is too cool. Glad the service went well. I AM is where it has to begin.– and okay – I’ll see if I can email a copy of the photo – I’m assuming you mean the one with me and the Osmonds. I’m not posting that one publically. LOL


  2. Thanks Rena — I have over 144 spam messages right now in my spam folder — they crack me up. I emtpy it every week and wow did I get hit this week. I have to read through it because once in a while I get a legitimate blogger who wants to connect and I don’t want to miss those.

    And thank you for your comment — I struggle with how honest should I be? And the best way to be personal without being private — even though I talk about my own issues more than anything else, I do occassionally get people who think I was writing about them. I’m learning to take that as a compliment because it means I’m hitting real life issues that we all deal with —


  3. And we mustn’t forget about the “personal enhancement” folk and the ones who have the best prices on sports apparel. Without all of these dingbats…I mean “entree p-nures” how else would we know that there is self improvement and money to be made with no more than a click of a button.
    Personally, I enjoy the honesty of your blog. (smiley face)
    (((((hugs))))) to you.


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