Up To My Eye Balls

Our Savior Lutheran Church has agreed to move forward with a capital campaign. After that, a loan and after that a call and breaking ground for a new learning center, worship center and satellite location.

I’ve been asked to be on the Campaign Committee. What a thrill.

I’ve also been asked to help with something I can’t tell y’all about yet — let’s just say, it’s amazingly fun.

Spring is my busy season and with so many things juggling in the air, I need to let go of something. I need to unplug from here for just a little while. I’ll be back after Easter, I promise.

Behave while I’m away, okay?

One thought on “Up To My Eye Balls

  1. I hear you.

    Taking a break is in God’s plan. Why else did He create the Sabbath? And other Holy Days … to rest, recharge, reflect …

    Look forward to hearing from you after Lent/Easter.


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