Happy Mother’s Day y’all: Anita Renfroe In Tha Muthahood

Can I be her when I grow up?

Probably not, I make a better me than I do anyone else.

Having said that – I do love this gal’s talent.

Christian Comedian and everyone’s favorite Mom, Anita Renfroe, has done it again. You may know her from Momsense (Everything a mother would say in 24 hours set to the William Tell Overture) , Good Morning America, Women of Faith, or even the Kraft Food Commercials and I’d like to share with you her latest salute to moms called “In Tha Muthahood.”

I absolutely LOVE this and want to share it with you guys.

Please enjoy.

This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart, 2011. All rights reserved. Please note that no goods or services were given in exchange for this endorsement. I only share resources that I find encouraging.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day y’all: Anita Renfroe In Tha Muthahood

    • Quite possibly yes, but I’m not sure. There’s no telling really. She’s done milk commercials and a few others as well. If you ever get to see her live – do it. She’s definitely a woman’s comic and I like her a lot.


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