Heading for Yukon Oklahoma!

Me with Michele VanDusen at Yukon Community Theater in 2010

Okay so it’s a little blurry but this photo is from last year’s A Funny Thing comedy night in Yukon Oklahoma. Michele and I were part of a comedy competition last year and have been asked to come back again this year. I am so stoked! Michele placed and while I did not — I’m going for it this year.

I’m new to the comedy circuit and while I felt weird starting stand up in my 40’s I’ve since discovered that I’m by no means the youngest newcomer. I met a gal in her 60’s this week starting comedy and I think that’s awesome.

I got into stand up as a way to overcome stage fright. I’ve been MCing various charity events over the years and struggle when the crowds reach over 50 people. Since doing stand up I can now speak comfortably in crowds much larger than that.

Learning stand up has made me a better speaker, a better writer, and just a lot more fun. Unless I’m trying to take your emotional temperature to assess whether or not I can joke with you, then I’m a neurotic mess. Fortunately those times are few and far between. Stand up has also given me a healthy outlet for my warped sense of humor which is definitely a good thing.

There was a time when telling jokes would terrify me and through practice, patience, time and friends who believe in me, I’ve over come that.

What fears have you faced down in your life? I’d love to hear from you.

This post written by Deana O’Hara for Redemption’s Heart. September 15 2011. All rights reserved.



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