Happy Thanksgiving you guys


This has been a hurry up and get there so we can relax and enjoy ourselves kind of week.

Hurry up and get home from school.

Hurry up and finish laundry, groceries, cleaning, pack the truck, drive like crazy, unpack, pour some wine, cook dinner, clean up dinner, pour more wine, everyone talk like mad at once…

Hurry up and get there so we can enjoy the moment and relax.

We get so busy trying to hurry up and get there (whatever “there” is for you) that we forget to breathe. We think it’s all about the destination and not the journey.

I’m guilty.

Monday- hurry up and clean before C-man gets home. Hurry up and finish my meetings so I can see him.

Tuesday – hurry up and get groceries, order D-Mans cap and gown, drive, etc…

Wednesday – Hurry up and cook Thanksgiving food, rake leaves, burn leaves, find store in middle of no where to get things I forgot to bring

I spent three days hurrying up just so that we could enjoy today.

I’m up at 5 am because my dogs have small bladders and no sense of decency. Pies need to be baked, bread needs to be attempted (making bread that won’t rise is my annual ritual), and the turkey needs to go in the oven. In 8 hours everyone will be in a turkey coma watching football. Hopefully, we’ll stop all the hurrying and enjoy eachother.

I lost a friend last month. This will be her family’s first Thanksgiving without her. As I sit on my porch waiting for my oven to hurry up and heat up already, I can hear the dawn of this new day waking up: the brook just over the hill slowly bubbling and making it’s way to the lake,the owls calling good morning, the cows heading to the waters edge to drink and the geese taking flight as the rising sun kisses the lake.
No one is in a hurry. Maybe I can learn from them. I take this moment to remember Tiffany and her joy. I’m thankful I knew her.

Today I will slow down and take the time to fully engage in this moment of life. A thankful heart is an engaged heart. Notice the people around. Drink deeply. Breathe slowly. Live fully.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving you guys

  1. I am thankful that all of my family were able to celebrate Thanksgiving, even though it was not celebrated with us here at home. We enjoyed the holiday with one of the kids while the other 5 were at other parts of the family. Hope you are enjoying a peaceful and joyous holiday.


  2. I’m not suree what actual day it happens I blush to say because I’m British and we don’t do it here but I know it’s a really big thing and a lovely family time over there and I I really hope you have a great one


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