Just Call Me the Mad Hatter

I’m late to the party yet again. I get it. And the sad part? I do not look nearly as spectacular as Johnny Depp. (I’m even late to realize I’ve used an incorrect analogy – It wasn’t the Mad Hatter who was late, it was the rabbit. Oh well.) This week, I’ve been late to The Eels Party, Late to Sarah B., and I discover I’m late to Derek Sivers as well. Frankly, if I hadn’t had a hysterectomy last year – I’d be crying in my eggnog right now.

Late or not to the Derek Siver’s party, I really like this video and think you might as well.

Obvious to you. Amazing to others. – by Derek Sivers

2 thoughts on “Just Call Me the Mad Hatter

  1. This post has gone viral. I’m so happy you like the video, would you please leave me a brief comment and let me know how you found this page? Thanks. and if you really want to see more of Derek’s work – which is why I really think you are here – go to http://www.sivers.org .


  2. That is such a neat video! Just this week, someone called me asking me about something and I answered the question. She said, “It is amazing how you know so much!”. But I don’t know that much! I just happened to know what she wanted. Then a person called me asking me if I wanted a job, that she had checked 3 different sources and the first name out of thir mouths was mine for this position. Again, I don’t know that much, but according to this video, maybe I know more than I give myself credit for knowing.


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