Out Sick: TMI Potential

Dear Readers and Friends. An unexpected trip to the ER this weekend reveals that I have a bladder infection that has traveled to my kidneys. Angry kidneys hurt like none other let me tell you. I’ll spare you the wonderful details. Suffice to say I am on Lortab for pain as well as nausea meds and antibiotics. Per doctors orders I am resting, re-hydrating and focusing on getting well.

I have learned that Social Networking and pain medication are not wise cohorts.  In light of that, I will refrain from blogging, Tweeting and Face-booking. I will be checking in with my primary doctor on Friday to make sure that the infection is completely gone. Until then – have a wonderful week.

Be blessed.


5 thoughts on “Out Sick: TMI Potential

    • Much better April, thank you. I’m off pain meds and just have the antibiotic and occasional anti-nausea med. the medication makes me really tired, but I am resting, reading like crazy and drinking lots of water. I should be better in no time.


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