Tim Hawkins and John Branyan are Coming to Broken Arrow

The screaming you heard on Saturday afternoon was my 18-year-old son finding out that I have purchased tickets to see his all time favorite comic, Tim Hawkins. I totally rock as a mom sometimes.

When: Sunday, April 1, 2012 7:00 pm

Where: Grace Fellowship on Garnet and 91st Street in Broken Arrow


If you’ve never heard of Tim, check out his video clip. After that go thee to HERE and order your tickets today before they sell out. I pretty much guarantee these guys will having you laughing so hard you’ll have tears running down your legs.

John Branyan on Adam and Eve

And guys and dolls, as always no goods or services were given to me in exchange for this endorsement. I’m just taking my kid someplace cool and wanted to share it with you before time runs out.

Have a great Monday and remember – There is no kill switch for awesome!

Love ya!

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