Cycling update: Summer Heat and Mint Juleps

First off, I had no idea that a mint julep was mostly bourbon. That would explain why southern women are so genteel — they’re smashed.

“Oh honey, I have the perfect thing for this terrible heat. Here have a mint julep, it’ll cool you right down.”

Cool me down? Knock me out is more like it.

Have you ever had a mint julep? It’s Southern Tea with a Kentucky Whiskey kick you never see coming.

They taste all cool and minty like. It’s like drinking double mint gum only you get green stuff stuck in your teeth. One glass of that and you really don’t care that it is 104 outside. You just want to melt into the porch swing and have another one.

I don’t suggest having another one.  unless you want to nap for a week or so. Just trust me. They taste really good and in this heat you really do want more. I don’t know why.

In light of that revelation and the desire not to be a puddle on someone’s porch this summer I believe I’ll stick with my zero calorie alcohol free Crystal Light thank you very much. I am supposed to be on a diet and all.

Rumor has it though Mint Juleps won’t ruin your diet and they “only” have between 150-220 calories a glass depending on how they are made. I don’t know if it ruins your diet or not, but I do know that telling yourself it’s too hot to ride your bike therefore you skip say the whole month of June, since you are traveling and all will.

I gained 10 lbs last month. Add to that the 10 I gained back during the Spring and I’m up 20 and flat back to where I started in November. Pound for Pound.

I was so proud of myself on June 2. I rode in the Tour de Cure for Diabetes and could have ridden longer. I celebrated my victory with being an absolute sloth for the whole month of June. I already have the metabolism of a sloth, remove the work out part of the equation and the weight comes back very quickly.

It wasn’t intentional. I was tired. Spring was busy. The end of senior year for my son was one event after another. Then in June I road tripped it to Nashville for the CCA Conference and while I could have used their workout room, I told myself that I “deserved” a few days off. Then I came home only to leave for NY two days later and well, there isn’t a gym at Mom’s house. Then last week it was in the hundreds all week and no way was I getting out in that kinda heat, you know?

So here we are. Or rather here I am. Back at square one.

One excuse after another and I’m back where I started.

I’ve been yoyoing for a year now. That can’t be good on my body.

Re-upping my commitment I did what any red-blooded American woman would do. I went shopping for bike gear and a pretty new helmet because we all know that shopping for workout clothes is just as good as actually working out, right? Okay not really, I just like to shop. Still I have bike only clothes.

The good news though is I have five new people signed up so far for my Tour de Cure Team next year. I’m hoping for more. My husband even joined the team. How cool is that? Now I have people to ride with and train with. It’ll be fun.

I have to get back on my bike now. I can’t very well lead a team, tell them we can do the 50 and not do the work myself. And yes, I said 50 FIVE OH! Miles. I had to make it 50. Now that I know I can do 25, I need a new goal. One that will require me to train or I won’t do it.

Here’s to starting over.

I’m not the first person who ever back slid with excuses. How about you? Do you need a do over button on your fitness plan? Why not join me and hit it today.

Let’s do it!

One thought on “Cycling update: Summer Heat and Mint Juleps

  1. Maybe invest in a staionary bike or an eliptical so you can use it inside when it’s too hot, too cold, too wet or whatever. Download Mandisa’s GOOD MORNING zumba routine. asked about me? I have been up and down so much that my weight chart looks like it came off of the NYSE!


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