I don’t care how nicely you ask, I really do not wish to go to hell, thank you anyway though.

Sometimes, I really have nothing valuable to add to the conversation and my blog lays bare for a week or more. I can’t find the funny in a week of hate mail and stalking. But I can find the blessings.

  • A well timed text message from my banjo teacher telling me I did well. (healing balm to a perfectionist like me)
  • Being unexpectedly chosen to be part of a grass roots marketing team for a book that I believe in (more info coming soon).
  • A national woman’s speaker who believes in me enough to mentor me for a year.
  • Visiting a church full of people who fully express the joy of their salvation.

I’m humbly reminded of a time where I told God he could keep his call. I wasn’t strong enough to withstand the bs. Oddly enough he let me throw my temper tantrum until I was strong enough to get over myself. It took a few years if I’m being honest.

Today, while folding laundry, I found a t-shirt I bought on hope – long before I understood it with a wooley little sheep holding the hand of Christ and it simply says “I’m with Him” — Phil 4:13

God is showing off while He gently reminds me of my very first woman’s retreat, shaking in fear, and a crazy video about sheep. In my early days of faith in Christ, I had more glimmers of hope than outright belief, and it was a glorious beginning.

I might not always remember to stop and notice God, but he sure does like to show off and let me know when He notices me.

I’m not the first person to ever receive hate mail; Beth Moore, Nancy Kennedy, Chonda Pierce, Kay Arthur, Anne Lammott, and the list goes on and on. We Christians can sure behave like an entitled bunch can’t we thinking we have the right to tell other believers they are going to hell. We really don’t have that right you know.

Scripture promises me “I will never leave you nor forsake you. You are mine!”

Got a news flash.

  • I’m not going to go to hell if I support the Chick-Fil-a boycott and I’m not going to go to hell if I don’t. I do believe I may get to heaven quicker if I continue to eat junk food, but I digress.
  • I’m not going to go to hell if I don’t let you post scripture verses speaking out against your pet peeve of a sin on my Facebook page or blog.
  • Nor am I going to hell if I support gun bans or don’t support them.
  • I won’t go to hell if I vote for Obama
  • nor will I go to hell if I vote for Romney or none of the above.
  • And I won’t go to hell if I listen to secular music as well as Christian music.

So while I appreciate the southern gentility (or lack there of) regarding this week’s invitations to visit hell, I’m afraid I have other plans.

Be blessed y’all.

6 thoughts on “I don’t care how nicely you ask, I really do not wish to go to hell, thank you anyway though.

  1. Thanks for putting yourself out there, Deana. Love listening to different points of view. Hate mail attempts to squash free speech and reveals the insecurity of the hater.


    • Joan, you are welcome. Comes with the territory doesn’t it? I’ll never forget the day Nancy Kennedy told me she got hate mail. I was floored. One of the sweetest writers I’ve ever met. But when you put yourself out there, people respond. It comes with the job. Hate mail is a good topic for a writer’s group meeting. We all get it eventually. How do we respond? Should we respond?


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