Thought For The Day: Life Does Not Come With A Remote Control

“There is something infantile

in the presumption that somebody else

has a responsibility to give your life meaning and point…

The truly adult view, by contrast,

is that our life is as meaningful, as full and as wonderful

as we choose to make it.”  ― Richard Dawkins,

2 thoughts on “Thought For The Day: Life Does Not Come With A Remote Control

  1. Richard Dawkins fails to mention that not everyone has a choice.
    Tell a mentally retarded child who lives a life dependent upon others if his life has meaning. Tell a family who lives in sheer poverty, has only dirty water to drink and little nutrition with no way out of their squalid situation, if their live has meaning. Tell an innocent person in captivity whose freedom was taken away and if their life has meaning. Some people have no choice when they are unable to change their circumstances.


    • This hit a chord. Thank you for reading and commenting. — I believe life can have meaning regardless of the circumstances we find our selves in. Sometimes the only thing we can change is our attitude about the situation.


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