Listening to the bones


I’ve had a fabulous week so far. Through an incredible set of circumstances, I played my very first bar on Sunday night with a bunch of local comics and had a blast. I’ll admit I was nervous when I arrived. Bars can be a tough crowd, or so I’m told. There are pool tables, poker tables, dart boards and all kinds of other activity going on. Getting people to listen to comics in that kind of setting is not always easy. But we pulled it off. We had a great lineup, people listened and the comics,  well, everyone brought their A-Game and they killed! I loved every minute of it.

As a comic, you cannot show fear on stage, and even though I was nervous when I first walked in wondering if they’d like me, laying that down, getting up on stage and just having fun is empowering.

Both of my husband’s bands came out, as well as a few other friends and we kicked back and had a great time. Most of my shows have been at least two or more hours away, playing local and being able to have them there meant the world to me. I’ve gone and watched them perform for several years now and being able to give back something to them – my comedy – is very cool indeed.

So keep your eyes open local peeps, there is no telling where I’ll show up.

Before I do that however, I’m heading out to the woods for some quiet time. I need that as well. If I don’t make time for that, I become needy in a not so good kind of way. I have things my music teacher wants me to do, like learn how to play up the neck, listen to songs and try to copy what I hear, and practice chords. It’s hard to do that with a house full of people and dogs. I can’t even remember the last time I peed alone, you know? So off to the woods I go. I’ll read, play, write, and just be me for a few days. It’ll be glorious.

Once I refill my cup, I’ll be available to pour it back out again.

How do you unplug?

What fills your cup?

I’d love to hear from you.

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