What does it mean to fight like a girl?

I’m slow to this party. This video already has over 20M hits and I can see why. When did “like a girl” become an insult? I think this is totally worth watching…

I want to show it to the Tulsa Diva’s and every woman I know. WOW

3 thoughts on “What does it mean to fight like a girl?

  1. I’m a little late weighing in on this, but I am proud and happy to do everything like a girl. As for the physical or athletic inferiority of women, I suggest people look to Jackie Joyner Kersee, Florence Joyner, Laila Ali, Billie Jean King, Danica Patrick, Shawna Robinson, Sabrina and Venus Williams, Isadora Duncan, Malala, Hillary Clinton, etc. to see,what it truly means to run or fight like a girl–cuz any one of them could kick any man’s ass, any day of the week! Fight like a girl to win!

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  2. Interesting topic. As a man not far from 7O years old, I can speak with respect to my own experience through several decades, and also share some anecdotal observations. I am usually sure to offend someone when I open my mouth, since political correctness is a form of dishonesty I avoid. I have never believed the myth of women being the weaker sex. Women with enough strength can be as violent as men and ruthless. As a Marine Sgt in Vietnam in 1967-68, we knew some women were Viet Cong fighters and killed Americans on the battlefield, as did Russian women fight the Germans at Stalingrad during World War II. History abounds with violent women, Queens and wives of tyrants, and you might know that white prisoners brought into Commanche camps during the 1800’s were usually tortured and mutilated by the women of the tribe, as the warriors had to give the ladies something to do.
    When my son went to karate class for awhile as a young boy, the instructor told me the dropout rate was higher for boys, almost negligible for girls, who were more serious, mature, focused, and dedicated to the sport. When I once applied for a security job at a high school in NY, a post-retirement position, the head of the department told me to expect fights every day, in the halls, and outside, and that I would have to have back-up to verify I handled each encounter correctly. I was told to not react to cursing and taunting by the students, and that the fight ratio was 2 to 1 with more girl on girl fights than between males. Also, most of the fights were between black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic, and black vs Hispanic. This sounds politically incorrect, I know, so just deal with it.
    Hollywood has been depicting the Amazon role model for women in movies and on TV. The empowered tough lady cop or lady perpetrator who beats up the bad white guy. What a world! My mother, sisters, wife, daughter, and most women I know are non-violent but our society now values violence as fun entertainment. It is good for both men and women to have some self defense training, but back to the point of this article…..to “fight like a girl” is a myth we need to abandon.

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