One thought on “A Cat Has absolute honesty

  1. We have a calico cat named Rosie, who is 3 years old. We adopted her when she was 4 months old. I was never a cat person before, as we only had a string of great faithful mutts, plus a Boxer, and a Cairn Terrior. Rosie is our retirement pet. Let me tell you, cats are not always honest. Sometimes our female is quirky, undecided on whether she wants me to pick her up, or lovey dovey when it suits her mood. Sometimes she will hide behind the drapes of my sliding door, then ambush us, a quick charge and a grab of our legs. Other times, she sits alone in her bed for hours, but I usually get to her while she is groggy and sleepy, take her into my arms like a newborn baby, and hug the little varmint. She likes to get me up in the morning, then sits on the bathroom vanity watching me shave. Sometimes she goes to the second vanity sink…and looks up…and this is my signal (she trained me) to turn on a slow trickle of water. She drinks. Later she follows me out to the kitchen and waits for me to give her a treat, and refill her feeding bowl. Are cats honest? I don’t know….sometimes yes….sometimes no…but cats definitely have a mind.

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